Technology Innovation

Saladmaster – Saladmaster VX

As Saladmaster was navigating through the new world with the global pandemic in 2020, we needed to find a way to bring our traditional in-person cooking shows to life in a virtual manner. Our virtual cooking shows were brand new to our salesforce, and we were hearing challenges that it was hard for consumers to see our cookware products come to life in their own kitchens through virtual meetings. There was a gap in bringing a realistic experience for consumers to understand the size, features, and benefits of our cookware that they typically received during our in-person cooking shows. Saladmaster developed a twist on augmented reality that allows consumers to see our most-loved products in real life from the comfort of their homes. Saladmaster VX, aka Virtual Experience, was developed by leveraging 3D imagery and an existing vendor’s virtual technology, along with QR coding. The QR code takes you to our virtual reality page where you can place our Saladmaster cookware in your own environment—be it your kitchen, your table, or wherever you are to show and impress your guests. Saladmaster’s VX tool allows you to experience the cookware piece first-hand before making any type of investment.

Excellence in Business

Scentsy – Quick Pivots

When Scentsy consultants launched the Monthly Movement, an engagement campaign designed to keep Scentsy strong and growing during the global pandemic and ensuing stay-at-home mandates of 2020, our entire staff rallied to meet the challenge and enable consultant success. Consultant leaders sparked powerful momentum, and we responded with quick agility thanks to the strength of our company culture and the capability of our workforce. We had four major objectives to support the goals consultants set with the Monthly Movement: 1) secure Scentsy as an essential business, 2) overcome stay-at-home challenges with virtual resources and a remote workforce, 3) increase the size and capacity of Scentsy operations to meet the increased demand, and 4) bolster consultant recruiting efforts with a join promotion in May. Thanks to our joint efforts, 2020 revenue increased 87% over our 2019 revenue, we had a record-breaking recruiting month with 39,328 consultant enrollments, and we doubled the size of the home office team—even with major challenges that impacted everything from manufacturing and shipping to our consultants’ ability to sell products from their homes.

Product Innovation

USANA – Mood & Relaxation Products

These products take a holistic approach to the problems of modern life. Products are formulated to support your mental and emotional well-being. Products in the Mood & Relaxation line include Stress Relief, designed to nurture a healthy emotional response and resilience while supporting the GABA receptors in the brain that help regulate your mood. This supplement helps the body adapt to feelings of mild and occasional stress and nervousness. Calm Response is a balm made to create an aromatic, calming environment to provide a sense of well-being. It uniquely blends essential oils known to support a calm, collected, and resilient emotional state. Mineral Calm, a warm, effervescent beverage mix, combines the calming flavors of ginger and lemon for a delicious, soothing addition to a nighttime routine. It helps ease your body and mind for a peaceful night’s rest while providing magnesium to address muscle tension and calm nerves during rest and recovery. Pure Rest, a fast-acting, ultra-pure supplement, is both effective and non-habit forming as it uses melatonin to regulate your sleep and wake cycles naturally.

Marketing & Sales Campaigns 

Scentsy – Bring Back My Buddy

We first launched the Scentsy Buddy in September 2010, and it was an instant hit. This fun and fragrant product was designed especially for kids of all ages to delight the senses with kid-safe fragrance, vibrant colors, and varied textures. What originally began as a seasonal catalog product ultimately morphed into a highly successful limited-time-offer program due to their natural collectability. But because each Scentsy Buddy is only available while supplies last, not every customer is able to get the ones they want most. In 2020, to celebrate a decade of these fragrant friends, we invited Scentsy consultants and customers to vote on which three Buddies they’d like to bring back as 10th Anniversary Editions, available once more for a limited time only. From voting to purchasing, Bring Back My Buddy had successful engagement and results. A total of 532,317 votes were cast by Scentsy Buddy fans during the three-day window in February 2020 and our $1 million goal for new revenue was dramatically achieved: 10th Anniversary Edition Scentsy Buddies brought in more than $3.5 million in new revenue globally.

Vision for Tomorrow 


USANA Kids Eat is a local, Salt Lake City-based program with a mission to eliminate hunger in Utah schools by providing backpacks filled with non-perishable, easily prepared food to ensure kids have enough to eat outside of school hours. Since combining forces, both Kids Eat and the USANA Foundation have shared space in the USANA corporate office. Each week, USANA Kids Eat delivers over 5,600 meals to local, at-risk youth in Utah. USANA and its employees work year-round to provide financial support and the proper resources to the Foundation and to USANA Kids Eat. Whether that is donating a portion of their paychecks each month to the Foundation for support or going over to the facility and packing bags. During the COVID-19 outbreak, families needed food more than ever, so USANA Kids Eat stepped up to the challenge. USANA Kids Eat supported a total of sixty-eight schools, community programs, and neighborhood clubs to help 6,193 kids in 2020. 



PayQuicker, an innovative fintech company, launched its revolutionary payout platform in 2007, allowing businesses of any size to offer secure and compliant instant global payouts in local currency via secured bank accounts with prepaid debit cards, virtual cards, and mobile wallets, all through a single point of integration. Our platform offers a low-cost, fully customizable, client-branded portal and experience with advanced technology that becomes the client’s competitive advantage. For clients who have their own portal, PayQuicker offers the same advanced global payment gateway that can be white-labeled and integrated directly with our client’s portal, powering it with all the PayQuicker best-in-class features and benefits. Our benefits power clients to make payouts to distributors, consultants, affiliates, vendors, gig workers, contractors, and others across the globe and become a competitive advantage. Faster payouts to distributors means they grow their businesses—and yours—faster. The PayQuicker mission is to provide our clients with the most advanced global payout solution that results in happy payees who, in turn, drive our clients’ business growth with every login, payout, purchase, or swipe. Our platform delivers on all mission-critical requirements to deliver choice, speed, and security. Our clients can offer their payees a choice of instant payment types (virtual, instant issue, prepaid debit cards) and instant spend (online, POS, ATM) through one easy integration. Nothing’s faster.