Jeunesse Global
[Jeunesse Global logo]
Address: 701 International Parkway
Lake Mary
Altamonte Springs, FL 32746-5622
Phone: 321-275-7200
Social Networking:
Products / Services: Essential Oils, Nutritional Supplements, Skincare
Company Description:
Jeunesse Global is a leading network marketing company based out of Orlando, FL that specializes in providing youth-enhancing solutions based on cutting-edge science, such as adult stem cell technology, DNA repair, and nutrigenomics. Products are made in the U.S.A. and are exclusively formulated for Jeunesse. With a multi-lingual customer service and back office support team, global enrollment system, and in-house programming already in place, the company is fully operational in 10 countries across the globe, with shipping available to 77 countries.
Sales Strategy: Person-to-Person
Countries of Operation: United States
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