Princess House, Inc.
[Princess House, Inc. logo]
Address: 470 Myles Standish Boulevard
Taunton, MA 02780-7324
Phone: 508-823-0713
Fax: 508-823-5182
Social Networking:
Products / Services: Cookware, Home Accessories/Décor, Tableware
Company Description:
Since its founding in 1963 Princess House has been providing the highest quality products for the home and an outstanding earning opportunity for women (and a few good men) of all backgrounds. Princess House products are marketed to consumers exclusively by our dedicated, multi-cultural team of over 25,000 consultants in 50 states and Puerto Rico. Our culture of inclusiveness and the support we provide to both English- and Spanish-speaking consultants, hostesses and customers are inspired by our company Purpose Statement: “Our power is our people. Our products make life healthier and more beautiful. Our business inspires dreamers, rewards excellence & transforms lives.”
Sales Strategy: Party Plan
Countries of Operation: United States, Canada, Australia
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