[Univera logo]
Address: 3005 1st Avenue
Suite 101
Seattle, WA 98121-1010
Phone: 360-486-7500
E-mail: customercare@univera.com
Web Site(s): http://www.newunivera.com
Social Networking:
Products / Services: Cosmetics, Health/Fitness/Wellness, Nutritional Supplements, Spa Products, Weight Management
Company Description:
Univera® is a global organization of people dedicated to successful, healthy living. We are a company founded on the premise that robust health and financial means allow us to give to and be part of our communities in a meaningful way. Univera®, in literal terms, means one truth. What is that one truth? Simply stated, it is that the body’s miracles of healing and regeneration reside in nature, helping us achieve our vision to bring the best of nature to humankind.
Sales Strategy: Person-to-Person
Countries of Operation: United States, Canada
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