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Address: 1825 West Research Way
Ste 1
Salt Lake City, UT 84119-2307
Phone: 801-463-3800
Fax: 801-463-3900
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Products / Services: Stationery/Paper Products
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When was the last time you sent an unexpected card at an unexpected time to someone you care about? Do you think it would make a difference? Do you remember people's birthdays and other special occasions? Do you think that matters to them? How about a simple "thank you" or expression of appreciation. Do you think that would make a difference? With this incredible tool, not only can you remember people and share appreciation, you can motivate, uplift, encourage and truly make a difference. Here is the interesting thing: the more you do this, the more you realize that you, the sender of these cards, benefit the most. We are changing people's lives for good one simple card at a time. We believe we can change the world one card at a time. We are showing that we can create residual income one card at a time. No matter what level you choose to be involved, this service will change your life for good.
Sales Strategy: Party Plan AND Person-to-Person
Countries of Operation: United States, Canada
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