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The DSCP-CP certification program raises the bar for yourself alongside your company’s legal and compliance team.

The certification program will sharpen your understanding of key concepts related to your company’s compliance program that will help improve the reputation of your company and the industry. Team members will complete the program with a thorough understanding of critical compliance principles.


  • Give you the necessary tools to develop effective compliance policies
  • Provide you with comprehensive training to implement best practices
  • Demonstrate your compliance commitment to regulatory and self-regulatory entities
  • Equip you with the requisite knowledge of compliance and regulatory issues required to run a successful direct selling compliance program

The pricing for the Certification Program is as follows:

$299/DSA Members

$599/Non-DSA Members 

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  • Claims Substantiation and Disclosures: This module would provide an overview of federal and state regulation of claims generally, including the concept of net impression, standards for disclosures, and claim substantiation.
  • Income and Lifestyle Claims:  This module would address income and lifestyle claims specifically, including the DSSRC’s Guidance on Earnings Claims.
  • Product Claims: This module would address the standards for product claims. It would include the distinction between permissible structure/function claims and prohibited drug/health claims for foods and dietary supplements.
  • Monitoring and Removal of Claims from Social Media Platforms: This module would cover strategies to identify and remove problematic claims from social media. The session would discuss online and other tools used to monitor claims and how to contact social media platforms to remove problematic posts.
  • The Role of Compliance In Your Organization: This module would address the role of internal and external compliance functions including working between the compliance, legal, marketing and senior management teams.  This module would also offer suggestions on appropriate enforcement activities and other corrective actions when instances of non-compliance are identified.
  • Conveying the Right Marketing Message: With the tools and knowledge delivered in the other modules, how do you teach your sales force how to make appropriate claims and prevent misleading, non-compliant claims? This module will share steps for training your salesforce to equip them with the knowledge and resources to promote the business without running afoul of key rules and regulations.