Address: 4140 Dublin Blvd
Suite 400
Dublin, CA 94568-7757
Phone: 925-251-2200
Web Site(s):
Products / Services: Genealogy/Compensation Management Systems
Company Description:
Drive bigger deals, faster. Our goal is simple - to help you make more money. Leading telco companies turn to CallidusCloud to accelerate and maximize their multi-product strategy, bringing together Sales, Marketing, Learning, and Customer Experience on one connected platform to engage more customers, sell faster, and make every customer interaction a great experience. Over 5,800 organizations, across all industries, work with CallidusCloud to save $50m in sales commission, gain 28,000 hours of productivity, and slash millions from their training costs. Identify the right leads, ensure proper territory and quota distribution, enable sales forces, automate configure price quote, speed up contract negotiations, properly recognize revenue under ASC 606, and streamline sales compensation. Others call it sales productivity, we call it making more money. Make more money, faster with CallidusCloud.
Year Founded: 1996
Member Since: Dec 19, 2017
Type: Supplier
Contact Name: Kevin Markl
Limited financial information may be available. Contact DSA Supplier Coordinator for more information.
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