DSA’s research services offer information on the industry as a whole, on the direct selling salesforce specifically, on the public’s experience with and attitudes toward direct selling, and on companies’ operating practices and benchmarks. Here are the reports that are currently available. In addition, both the Direct Selling Education Foundation (DSEF) and the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) conduct research relevant to direct selling. For further information, please click on the report of interest to you.

DSA President Joe Mariano Presents Results of 2015 Growth & Outlook Survey

DSA President Joe Mariano Presents Results of 2015 Growth & Outlook Survey.

U.S. Direct Selling

These research reports cover direct selling in the U.S.

The U.S. Direct Selling Salesforce

The 2014 National Salesforce Study covers the U.S. direct salesforce, including topics such as direct selling representatives' demographic profile, motivations for joining and staying involved with direct selling, satisfaction levels, etc.

Direct Selling and the Public

These research reports explore the U.S. public’s experiences with and attitudes toward direct selling. Some reports cover the general public while others cover specific segments of the U.S. public.

Company Operations and Benchmarks in the U.S.

These research reports investigate the ways direct selling companies operate and identify important benchmarks for various aspects of company operations

  • DSA Quarterly DataTracker Performance Checker
    DSA's DataTracker survey is your opportunity to measure your firm's operating performance on a quarterly basis.
  • DSA Ad Hoc QuickPoll Service
    Fast, free and timely, DSA’s QuickPoll Service provides answers to everyday operating questions. Members can poll their fellow DSA member execs and get a snapshot of how they handle a challenging operating issue.
  • DSA Management Compensation & Benefits Survey
    This study reports on cash compensation and perquisites provided to selected corporate management personnel within direct selling companies.