2010 DSA Tax & Finance Webinar

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Expanding to Canada? Talk Taxes First!
Our neighbor to the north is one of the first foreign markets that U.S.-based direct selling companies consider when expanding internationally. However, despite the numerous similarities between the U.S. and Canada, there are many differences, including taxes. Our presenter will discuss these dangers before your company leaps in, including:
- Differences in tax treatment throughout the provinces
- Currency exchange rates and how to account for them
- Import/export issues your company may face as you cross the border

Jack Millar, Partner, Millar & Kreklewetz

Your APB on State Sales Tax Developments
We're getting down to the details in this session! Want to know what's going on in your state—or the states in which you have nexus? Our expert will provide you with the nitty-gritty details you need to know, including:
- The latest legislation passed affecting direct selling companies
- Changes state departments of revenue may have made in the past 12 months
- A look at future changes coming our way

Charlotte Noel, Partner, Jones Day

State Sales Tax Collection Agreements: What You Need to Know
One of the biggest stumbling blocks for direct selling companies, both large and small, is the collection and remittance of state sales taxes. Jim Richmond gives tax advice to dozens of direct selling companies regularly and is an expert in the field. His presentation will examine:
- Mistakes companies can inadvertently make and that you should avoid
- What to include (and what not) in state sales tax agreements
- States that are aggressive in collecting taxes and how to prepare for them
Jim Richmond, Tax Consultant, Professional Tax Services

Corporate Income & Franchise Tax Developments Affecting Direct Sellers
Corporate income and franchise tax laws and their application by state departments of revenue are constantly changing. Jane Fergason will discuss developments that your company needs to know about to stay compliant with the myriad state taxing jurisdictions, including:
- Recent court decisions
- Pending litigation and possible future cases
- Recently enacted legislation
Jane Fergason, Partner, Gardere Wynne Sewell L.L.P.

Direct Sellers’ Independent Contractor Status: Why It Matters
Direct salespeople are independent contractors—this is a firmly established fact. But what happens when this status is challenged, as has happened before and will probably happen again? Lew Janowsky will explain why it is critical that direct salespeople maintain their independent contractor status and what steps a direct selling company can take to protect their status. You'll learn:
- The distinction between the direct seller and independent contractor classifications under state and federal laws
- How proper independent contractor classification can affects your budget
- What you can do to protect your distributors' independent contractor status
Lew Janowsky, Law Offices of Rynn & Janowsky

Legislative Updates & Forecasting
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the voice of free enterprise in America, will provide participants with details about the nation's current business environment, including:
- A recap of 2010 activities
- What's around the corner in 2011
- What businesses should do to prepare for potential legislative/regulatory actions
Giovanni Coratolo, Vice President, Small Business Policy, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

An Update on Independent Contractor Legislation
With the current economic crisis, states and the federal government are seeking revenue wherever they can find it. DSA’s own Dean Heyl will provide a thorough overview of such issues as:
- The issues surrounding independent contractor withholding
- A recently enacted federal law requiring enhanced 1099 reporting
- A legislative forecast for independent contractor legislation
Dean Heyl, Attorney & Director, Government Relations, Direct Selling Association

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