2014 ETHOS Award Winners


Technology Innovation


Successful entries in this category will demonstrate excellence in the innovative use of salesforce-enabling technology.

2014 Winner: SimplyFun, LLC (Virtual Laugh & Learns Using 30MVP)

Past Winners

2013 Amway - Mobile Compensation Tools (Mobile Technology & Category Winner)

After conducting extensive field research, Amway saw a need to support distributors (independent business owners—IBOs) with mobile business tools that could help them demonstrate the potential of the Amway compensation plan to both those considering the business and existing IBOs. In order to address these needs, two mobile tools were developed by cross-functional teams within the Sales Division in a coordinated effort. The Income Simulator was developed to support IBOs in sharing the business opportunity with prospects; the companion Business Modeler was created to help existing IBOs maximize their earning potential in their Amway businesses. The Income Simulator answers questions about potential earnings, showing income scenarios at three stages of business development: immediate income, performance bonus and business building. The Business Modeler allows an IBO to model and predict the effects of changes to their businesses as a result of changes in volume, structure and ongoing incentives. IBOs can use it to analyze their own businesses, or coach downline IBOs to understand the real potential of their Amway businesses.

2013 Rodan + Fields - Communications Corner (Back Office/Business Support)

The power of the Rodan + Fields brand is the company's biggest competitive advantage and protecting its integrity is their top priority. While most brand-based companies hold their image and identity very close, Rodan + Fields is represented by more than 30,000 independent consultants, each with their own voice and point of view. To empower them to share Rodan + Fields with their own personal flare, while ensuring the brand is protected, Rodan + Fields created the Communications Corner. This microsite, available exclusively to Rodan + Fields independent consultants, enables consultants to quickly and easily create customized, brand-appropriate marketing materials and then share their designs on social media, via email and in hard copy. Since the launch, consultants have created more than 56,000 marketing assets, with 9,600 posts to Facebook and an estimated 413,500 social media impressions. This has decreased brand compliance issues by 87 percent. The Communications Corner has successfully empowered both seasoned and new consultants to build their businesses while ensuring that they and the Rodan + Fields brand are protected.

2013 Mary Kay Inc. - The Launch of the All-New MaryKay.com (Customer Sales Support)

Mary Kay has always been about establishing face-to-face connections with customers. However, consumers expect to be able to shop when and how they want. In 2012, Mary Kay launched an all-new marykay.com and personal website (PWS) for independent beauty consultants (IBCs) to allow them to meet the needs and expectations of their customers. The new site puts the IBC at the heart of the digital experience, enhancing personal connections with her customers. The site experience encourages customer registration and includes personalized beauty shopping for customers with wish lists, reorder reminders and personalized product recommendations. Customers experience faster, easier shopping with advanced search capabilities, guided navigation and information-rich product pages. To build customer relationships online, the site highlights the IBC throughout as the "digital hostess," to help guide her customers and showcase her service. Additionally, the MyMK profile and wish list features help inform IBCs of customers' needs. A new consultant CRM tool integrates to the site to empower IBCs with robust customer information, providing business-building opportunities and better customer service. The results: during launch quarter, online customer spending on PWS is up nine percent over the prior year. Customer registrations on the consultants' PWS have tripled post launch.

2012 Mary Kay Inc.

Mary Kay Inc. received this award for the launch of its first global mobile app, which aimed to increase brand visibility, provide online/offline access to the brand for consultants and consumers, create mobile convenience and perform as a selling/viral/recruiting tool. Mary Kay’s goal was to leverage the global proliferation of mobile adoption and increase visibility of its products and brand by creating a simple, on-the-go selling tool that would allow consumers to virtually “try before they buy” and shop with their Mary Kay independent beauty consultants. The app’s purpose is to excite new customers to play with Mary Kay color and receive a personalized experience anywhere, any time. This Virtual Makeover game app will help reach Gen-X and -Y consumers and encourage potential team members to join Mary Kay. It also promotes viral word-of-mouth by enabling consumers and consultants to share makeovers all around the world, as well as create opportunities for global consultants to deliver best-in-class customer service to customers at every business touch point.

2011 Mary Kay Inc.

Mary Kay Inc. was selected as the recipient of the 2011 award by a live audience poll during one of the Annual Meeting general sessions. For the marketing of their new line of Mary Kay TimeWise foundation, Mary Kay utilized a line of business cards with two dimensional bar codes that linked directly to a video about the product. These cards were distributed to their independent sales directors and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Since their introduction, sales of cards have remained strong at more than 2,000 sets of cards being sold to date. Usage of the barcode has been tracked around the country and its usage shows a positive response to the introduction of this technology.

2010 Amway

Amway received the award for a robust application they created that is transforming the way Amway Global independent business owners (IBOs) recruit, sell and manage their businesses. The project team worked in phases to launch the first true business management application in the direct selling sector. During the first phase, Discover, market research revealed two opportunities. Inundated with business information, IBOs were seeking simplicity and convenience. Business professionals were adopting mobile devices rapidly. During Create, the second phase, the mobile business team worked with Apple’s lead application developers to put the power of the Amway Global business information, resources and connectivity onto the iPhone/iPod Touch. As they moved into the Educate phase, a stellar campaign integrating comprehensive training, videos, user guides and presentations was capped off by a launch event with 2,400 IBO leaders. Finally, during the Success phase and amid huge excitement, the application reached number four on the iTunes “top 25 business apps” list in December. With IBOs’ adoption and usage growing each month, it already accounts for seven percent of online business productivity inquiries.

2009 Oxyfresh.com

Oxyfresh’s information technology team and Web designers created a state-of-the-art “Money for Life” Web site designed to optimize the ability of field distributors to attract new business partners. This interactive recruitment system includes 13 presentations that can be customized and e-mailed to prospects. MoneyforLife.com also includes a prospect manager. With this functionality, distributors can easily manage their business contacts. MoneyforLife.com has increased traffic to Oxyfresh’s opportunity Web site by more than 500%, greatly enhancing business-building efforts for their entire field of distributors.


Back Office/Business Support: Nu Skin Enterprises (The Nu Skin Back Office)

Built completely from the ground up, the Nu Skin Back Office provides distributors with all the tools and information they need to run their businesses in one place. It is available both as a web version through www.nuskinusa.com and as a native app for use on a mobile device. This enables distributors to love the features and functionality found in Back Office no matter where they are or how they access this new business-building platform.

Customer/Sales Support: SimplyFun, LLC (Virtual Laugh & Learns Using 30MVP)

In September 2013, SimplyFun, LLC, debuted new online product sharing and selling capabilities. Called a Virtual Laugh & Learn and powered by 30 Minute Virtual Party™ (30MVP), this innovative technology was designed to meet the needs of SimplyFun’s consultants and customers, who now have access to SimplyFun’s game parties anywhere and anytime. The goal was to create an easy, fun and convenient way for families and friends of SimplyFun’s hosts to connect and learn about SimplyFun, regardless of their physical location. Virtual Laugh & Learns using 30MVP bring the party online, providing a great way for direct sellers to engage with potential customers with informative videos, interactive shopping and game recommendation experiences. This new technology expands the company’s ability to showcase its award-winning product line and build sales beyond the traditional party, while providing a personal party experience. With the exclusive 30MVP technology, SimplyFun consultants and their guests are able to connect online to shop, build wish lists, ask and answer questions and engage with others and the host, each from the comfort of their own home.

Mobile Technology: 4Life Research (4Life App)

Three years ago, 4Life committed itself to the development of mobile technologies by investing in in-house educational resources. The company’s first applications were limited to static content: the mobile platforms merely provided a means for distributors to download corporate multimedia to view and share. 4Life realized this imitation and, in 2013, committed itself to launching an application that allowed it to control the user experience through dynamic content ownership in a mobile environment. 4Life App is an all-inclusive mobile alternative that empowers distributors with real-time reporting, trigger communications and all of the dynamic information people require to share, qualify and succeed with their 4Life business: end-of-month alerts, downline activity updates, customer order notifications, personalized communications and more. Due to apprehensions about storing credit card and social security numbers on cell phones, 4Life made the strategic decision to launch its mobile shopping and enrollment functionality in tandem but a part from 4Life App, meaning the two are connected but not integrated for both iOS and Android users.

Mobile Technology: Rodan + Fields (REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator Companion App)

When Rodan + Fields launched the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator™ (MACRO E), an at-home patent-pending tool clinically proven to reveal a brighter, radiant and more youthful-looking complexion, the company took skincare beyond the bathroom with the creation of the MACRO Exfoliator Companion App. This app is designed to help customers remember to use the MACRO E regularly and engage them in a way that supports healthy habit formation. Through alerts, progress tracking, community support and badging, the MACRO Exfoliator Companion App has created increased loyalty and sales.

Product Innovation


Successful entries will showcase a new product or service introduced to the marketplace in 2013 that sets a high standard of excellence and innovation.

2014 Winner: Rodan + Fields (REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator)

Past Winners

2013 Creative Memories - Fabulous You Campaign (Education/Leisure/Other & Category Winner)

Creative Memories believes in women and in connecting mothers, children, family and friends—to achieve personal growth while nurturing each other. So it’s important that women feel empowered and recognize that each of them is fabulous. (The more fabulous and engaged she feels, the more likely she is to celebrate herself and the life around her with Creative Memories’ products!) To that end, the company developed a line of products and a series of communication efforts designed to help women find the fabulous in themselves.

2013 Jockey Person To Person - Travel Kit (Clothing/Accessories)

Jockey Person To Person was founded to offer women the ability to enjoy a rewarding career and a great work-life balance. Offering a body-flattering collection of comfortable clothing that mixes and matches has always been the company’s design philosophy. As a division of Jockey International, Inc., innovation is part of their DNA. Solving a thorny problem faced by every woman—packing efficiently while being prepared for everything, from an important meeting to a night on the town—was the logical “next step.” There may be so-called travel collections in the retail arena, but no guidance is given on selecting styles or putting together looks. The fall 2012 Travel Kit was a true game-changer, providing an affordable solution for women of all sizes while offering Comfort Specialist® consultants a lucrative source of income with the $276 purchase requirement. Comprised of great-fitting, durable styles that mixed and matched with the entire fall collection, the Travel Kit included other key components: a high-ticket gift with purchase, extensive consultant support, a flyer showing 10 looks and an innovatively engaging video. With double-digit increases in party sales and a field eagerly awaiting the spring 2013 edition, the Travel Kit was a bona fide hit!

2013 The Longaberger Company - Flameware (Home Decor/Durables/Home Care)

Flameware makes healthy cooking easy because it is constructed of all-natural materials—no alloy metals or synthetic bonding agents. Unlike traditional cookware, Flameware is non-reactive and does not release fumes or cause leaching of harmful metals. Longaberger Flameware may look familiar because of the resemblance to its wildly popular predecessor: Longaberger Woven Traditions dinnerware and bakeware. With more than 20 million pieces in American homes today, Woven Traditions set the bar high for this new cookware collection. In addition to the vitrified qualities of Woven Traditions, allowing it to be used in the refrigerator, freezer, oven, microwave and dishwasher, Flameware can also be used on the stove top, under the broiler and even on the grill. Flameware looks great on every table and is available in the same seven amazing color choices as Woven Traditions. Because of its high quality, beautiful design and complete versatility,Longaberger Flameware is the perfect addition to the Longaberger product line. Its simple, easy-to-use attributes make it easy to show, sell and own. Longaberger Flameware: Healthy Cooking Made Easy.

2013 Celadon Road, Inc. - Celadon Road Skincare (Personal Care)

When Celadon Road developed its new line of skincare, care was taken to avoid any and all harsh and potentially toxic ingredients often found in many skincare products on the market. The company notes that, “It’s not only what is in our products that make them great, it is what isn’t in them.” Instead of harsh chemicals, Celadon Road found natural, organic, food-based ingredients that give amazing results without all the risks associated with more harmful alternatives. The ingredients used to make the skincare line are all 100 percent organic—relying more on nature than on science for their benefits. Containing 25 products across three skin types, these products are meant to nourish skin naturally. Celadon Road’s skincare is packaged in 100 percent recyclable materials and proudly made in the USA. Its skincare is receiving rave reviews amongst its consultants, customers and the media and exemplifies the company’s mission of promoting greener, healthier, more socially responsible living.

2013 USANA Health Sciences, Inc. - True Health Assessment (Wellness)

The patent-pending and global USANA True Health Assessment is a free, cutting-edge health program that provides a personalized approach to measuring your health, offering real-life solutions to help improve your lifestyle and nutrition. Designed to get you started on your road to optimal health and a better life, it’s the USANA associate’s tool for personalizing the prospect’s experience and building their businesses, allowing them to provide clearer, truly personalized information.

2012 Rodan + Fields Dermatologists.

Rodan + Fields Dermatologists received this award in 2012 for a product they introduced in 2010: the patent-pending AMP MD™ Roller. Constructed of surgical-grade, stainless steel micro-needles, AMP MDTM safely conditions the uppermost layers of the skin, allowing for maximum anti-aging benefits. By leveraging the direct selling model, Rodan + Fields was able to bring this dermatologist-office-only technology out of obscurity and into the spotlight, resulting in record-breaking sales. In September 2011, Rodan + Fields extended the skincare benefits and business potential of AMP MDTM by launching ANTI-AGE Lip Renewing Serum to be used in conjunction with the AMP MDTM Roller.


Home Décor/Durables/Home Care: Scentsy, Inc. (Scentsy Custom Gifts)

Scentsy Custom Gifts is an innovative update to Scentsy’s Simple System. Born out of its Gallery Collection of warmers—which feature interchangeable, decorative frames—Scentsy Custom Gifts attracts an entirely new kind of customer with customizable products that can be ordered in large quantities at a competitive price. Initially designed for corporate gifting, Scentsy Custom Gifts are also perfect for families commemorating milestones and for school fundraisers or other charitable causes. The new program allows customers to choose one of several designs or to create their own image by uploading their logo or design to a consultant’s personal website through an automated process. For businesses, Scentsy warmers make a beautiful and memorable alternative to the all-too-common logo pen or calendar magnet. Some of the company’s largest Scentsy customer orders ever have been placed through the Custom Gifts program, thereby increasing their consultants’ by-order commissions and company revenue as a whole.

Personal Care: Rodan + Fields (REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator)

In February 2013, Rodan + Fields launched the REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator, a state-of-the art, dermatologist-developed, hand-held exfoliation tool that sweeps away a week’s worth of dulling dead skin cells in just five minutes, leaving behind smoother, healthier-looking, luminous skin—without leaving the comfort of home. The REDEFINE MACRO Exfoliator has generated record-breaking sales, been featured in multiple beauty magazines and been highlighted on national television. It has helped consultants engage prospects and promote Rodan + Fields’ clinically proven skincare results. Word-of-mouth testimonials and consultant feedback has shown it to be an effective and successful tool that generates excitement and sales for the company.

Excellence in Salesforce Development


Successful entries in this category will describe a specific program or tool that empowered or motivated the salesforce to succeed.

2014 Winner: Initials, Inc. (Font Color Guide)

Past Winners

2013 Initials, Inc. - Boot Camp - Operation: SPARK (Personal Development/Motivation & Category Winner)

As a company, Initials, Inc., wanted to support its new creative partners in building strong businesses and keep the field connected, motivated, engaged and focused during the early part of 2012. Boot Camp—Operation: SPARK is a 12-week intense (and optional) accountability program aimed to educate, inspire, connect, engage and support the field in hopes of accelerating growth in sales and record enrollment of new creative partners.

2013 Take Shape for Life, Inc.-Medifast - Brand & Prospecting Videos (Business Tools)

Take Shape For Life created a brand video that captured the essence of being a Health Coach. Discover Take Shape For Life was the starting point for a series of new prospecting videos and for the TSFL Path to Optimal Health Disc Pack. The videos show the balance of the three key components of the business: a Health Coach, the Medifast 5&1 Plan (weight loss) and the Habits of Health System. The company used real clients and health coaches in the videos and the brochure, and included their weight loss to completely connect the prospect to both portions of the pack. The brochure and DVD combination is a comprehensive and easy-to-digest overview of the core components of the program. It’s a powerful tool that allows potential clients to see and hear how the program works and how others have found success. The use of real people also helps to clarify the brand and show the lifestyle inherent to the company’s culture of health coaches. The clients and health coaches represent the image of Take Shape for Life and establish a visual language template for Take Shape for Life materials and communications. “Freedom Through Transformation” became the company’s brand platform.

2013 Rodan + Fields - Personal Enterprise Igniter (Business Training)

The Rodan + Fields patent-pending Personal Enterprise Igniter (PEI) is a mobile tool designed to help even the newest Rodan + Fields consultants develop critical skills and key behaviors necessary for success. This innovative and unique approach to training is designed to deliver essential information and guidance “just in time,” versus the “just in case” approach used by most online training universities. The PEI encourages consultants to embrace knowledge, develop duplicable skills and behaviors and build confidence at the exact time when the behavior is relevant and useful. Based on the Rodan + Fields award-winning Market Expansion Initiative program, the PEI leverages proven behavioral influencers and reduces them to an effective, in-the-moment, on-demand experience that is leading to unprecedented business results among users.

2013 Rodan + Fields - REDEFINE Casting Call (Recognition)

The Rodan + Fields mantra is changing skin … changing lives. And while the brand and transformational products are key components of the direct selling opportunity, field recognition programs generally have not recognized the critical importance of inspirational brand ambassadors. Rodan + Fields believed the time had come for those consultants and customers who were the greatest product evangelists to be afforded a spotlight commensurate with the “face time” given to compensation plan title and earnings achievers. Rodan + Fields created a program whereby loyal product users had the chance to co-star in a new product “commercial” with Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields. By recognizing product evangelists, instead of the more traditional group of top earners, Rodan + Fields turned recognition on its head and created a campaign far more successful than they could have imagined. Since launching, the commercial has been viewed 10 times more than the average video and has been shared by consultants more than 100 percent more than any other video, giving these product ambassadors more “face time” than any in-the-moment recognition event.

2013 Life Shotz/Oxyfresh.com - Life Shotz Derby (Incentive Programs)

In September 2012, the Life Shotz marketing team set out to create a Brand Rep incentive program that was simple, easy to promote and got people excited to participate. The goal was to create something that combined the gaming craze with real world competition, to engage Brand Reps and amp up the stakes. The Life Shotz Derby was an innovative game for Brand Reps to incentivize and track their recruiting activities in a fun, interactive way.

2012 Scentsy

Scentsy won this award for its Spring Sprint program. The company's ever-expanding network of more than 170,000 independent consultants poses a monumental training challenge. The majority of their consultants live in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, and Scentsy needed a way to reach them in person, en masse, to provide the motivational and training tools that keep them invested in their businesses. The solution? Spring Sprint, an intense traveling event that spans 26 carefully selected cities. In 2012, Spring Sprint reached 22,700 consultants—10,100 more than during the inaugural Spring Sprint in 2011. Spring Sprint has led to a network of connections across the country, allowing Scentsy home office staff to interact one-on-one with consultants, giving consultants a chance to meet each other and attracting new recruits while strengthening existing businesses.

2011 Rodan + Fields

In the summer of 2010, Rodan + Fields launched the Atlanta Project after realizing Georgia was one of their “top sponsoring states,” but the independent consultants were not advancing up the compensation plan and their desired new leadership was not emerging. Their three-module program saw increasing attendance as well as a 300 percent sales growth in the months following the workshops. Following the success of the Atlanta Project, Rodan + Fields is executing similar programs in three new markets: San Francisco, Denver and Dallas/Austin.

2010 Rodan + Fields

In October 2009 Rodan + Fields® unveiled the Pulse Business Management Suite, the company’s state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management System. As they developed Pulse, a key goal was increasing consultant retention. Rodan + Fields believes a key contributor to retention is what happens in the first 48 hours after a person enrolls as a consultant. To leverage the enthusiasm of a new recruit, they created the Pulse Wizard, a series of eight simple steps designed to quickly integrate consultants into the Rodan + Fields business system and get their businesses off to a fast start.

2009 Mary Kay Inc.

In an effort to provide the Mary Kay independent salesforce with current, effective, convenient and exciting education, the company launched the first in a series of Satellite Education Events earlier this year. The live broadcast provided distributors with educational lessons that could be immediately applied to their businesses, and aired simultaneously to more than 26,000 people in more than 150 movie theaters around the United States. Focusing on helping representatives become competitive in a tough economic environment, as well as spring 2009 fashion and cosmetics trends, this event generated tremendous excitement within the field salesforce and the majority of attendees indicated they would attend future Satellite Events.


Business Tools: Initials, Inc. (Font Color Guide)

Initials, Inc., sought a vehicle that would assist its field with their individual sales initiatives while equipping the customer with insight and knowledge to make purchasing decisions they would adore while speaking to their individuality. The company realized a need for a tool to equip the customer with the insight and know-how to make smarter purchasing decisions.

Business Training: Team Beachbody (Coach Basics)

Team Beachbody created Coach Basics, a training system designed to effectively onboard new coaches (independent distributors), with the goal of helping them make more money their first month, advance in rank and earn Success Club points (the Beachbody rewards and recognition program). Coach Basics uses social media and technology to deliver two 30-day training modules along with accountability, support and recognition. Leaders have the freedom to easily customize the content, which has been pivotal to both the acceptance of the program and its success in the field. The weekly video conference calls between leaders and their groups has led to stronger relationships and increased engagement. The weekly Business Activity Tracker (a goal-setting tool) helps leaders understand the goals and activity of each participant to help them stay focused on their goals. The program showed remarkable results exceeding the original goals. An added advantage was the observation that both leaders and participants experienced an average 34 percent increase in income within four months of completing the program. Coach Basics not only has proven to be a successful onboarding system but it has also created a new level of leadership focused on people development.

Incentive Programs: North American Power (Free Energy Challenge)

North American Power has become one of America’s fastest-growing direct selling companies due to its innovative no-risk, no-investment model. Despite that, the company has struggled to appeal to individuals without home-based business experience. To address this, they introduced a new referral model based on “savings” instead of “income.” When designing the program they relied heavily on consumer research and modern motivational theory. The result was an innovative program that provided a “win-win-win-win” for the referrer, their customers, the environment and charities. With the Free Energy Challenge, customers can receive significant annual savings (often $1,000 or more) by simply referring as few as 15 new customers. Their customers enjoy great rates on their energy services and help the environment, plus North American Power donates $1 per customer each month to a cause the customer selects. Since the launch in August 2013, the results have been phenomenal. About 40 percent of their achievers have no prior home-based business experience and the company is more appealing than ever to their ideal customers! Representatives say the Free Energy Challenge is one of the most exciting things North American Power has introduced, and that it’s easier than ever to spread the word about why they love the company.

Personal Development/Motivation: Scentsy, Inc. (Committed to Scentsy Family Wellness)

Scentsy strives to support its consultants and employees in all aspects of living a happy, healthy life. But supporting their consultants—who live in countries all over the world—in health and wellness is no easy task. Scentsy launched Committed, a comprehensive wellness program, to give its consultants a support network as they work to improve their lives. Committed is a lifestyle plan divided into three parts: exercise, nutrition and support. The exercise portion of the lifestyle plan uses colored bracelets to help consultants track their exercise and weight-loss progress and rewards them for every milestone they reach. The nutrition portion focuses on simple, core nutrition principles that are easy to follow and the support component of the program features a monthly wellness call with Scentsy’s resident wellness expert, as well as a Consultant Wellness Group on Facebook where consultants can share tips, get encouragement and celebrate their progress. In just its second year, the Committed program has more than 3,000 participants who have collectively lost more than 5,000 pounds—triple-digit increases over the first year of the program and evidence of its remarkable effectiveness.

Recognition: Amway (Amacam Recognition Program)

The Amway Amacam program brings distributor recognition to a new level. When new diamond distributors are welcomed to the company’s Ada, Mich., headquarters, Amway wanted all of their friends and family to be there as well. Now they can! The company’s HD cameras broadcast the celebration live around the world. Friends from 52 countries and more than five continents have become part of the festivities. Given its success and Amway’s current focus on mobile media, Amacam has become an important tool for providing content that distributors and markets can use to share the Amway story and demonstrate the company’s transparency and authenticity.

Vision for Tomorrow


Successful entries will illustrate how a specific project or program made an impact beyond the bottom line.

2014 Winner: Mary Kay Inc. (Don't Look Away)

Past Winners

2013 Rodan + Fields - Harvard Business School Case Study (Public Awareness & Category Winner)

Rodan + Fields partnered with Harvard Business School researchers to write a business case study that would be memorialized and taught to high-profile audiences. The case was built on Rodan + Fields’ innovative solutions to motivating and compensating a “volunteer” (i.e., nonemployee) salesforce. The case offered a unique, inside look into the world of direct sales, one that was not previously incorporated into higher education curricula. In doing so, hundreds of current and future business leaders were exposed to Rodan + Fields’ learning and decision processes, including the outcomes of some difficult decisions, that would not only create positive and professional experiences for the company, but further shine a light on the legitimacy and breadth of successful outcomes that are possible—and happening—in this marketing channel throughout the world.

2013 Scentsy - Scentsy Family Foundation (Philanthropy)

Shortly after Scentsy’s five-year anniversary in 2009, Heidi and Orville Thompson sought to fulfill the company’s motto of “Contribute more than you take” in a way that closely involved consultants and connected them to causes they care about. The Thompsons also wanted to create a process for giving to worthwhile causes locally, to give back to the community in gratitude for its support when Scentsy was a small, struggling business. And finally, they had a vision to help Scentsy employees and consultants, many of whom took a chance on Scentsy in its early years, with college financial aid for their children. The Scentsy Family Foundation was created in late 2009 to fulfill the Thompsons’ dream to “contribute” in each of these areas. They deliberately decided not to incorporate the Foundation as a nonprofit so they would have greater flexibility to support a variety of causes. As a result, Scentsy received no tax benefits from the Foundation. Three years after it was created, the Scentsy Family Foundation has given more than $2.5 million to national charities, $633,000 to local charities and $380,000 in college scholarships to more than 190 people.

2012 The Pampered Chef

The Pampered Chef was recognized in 2012 for its Round Up from the Heart program. When edu-tainment leaders like The Pampered Chef and The Learning Channel (TLC) team up, big things happen. The two brands came together with a common goal—raising awareness and funds for Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger relief organization. Their six-month integrated cause marketing campaign resulted in 25.9 million media impressions for the cause and nearly 1.3 million meals for the nation’s hungry. Through its Round-Up from the Heart program, The Pampered Chef partnered with TLC’s well-known personalities to create The Pampered Chef Cookbook for a Cause, Volume 2, featuring recipes from the stars of Cake Boss, Say Yes to the Dress, DC Cupcakes, What Not To Wear and more. For every cookbook purchased, The Pampered Chef contributed $1 to Feeding America, resulting in a donation of more than $160,000, in addition to the more than $1 million contributed by The Pampered Chef annually. The partnership was created as a marketing asset exchange, leveraging the company’s salesforce of 60,000 brand ambassadors and TLC’s loyal viewing audience. This integrated cause marketing plan included public relations, traditional, interactive and social media, along with direct selling incentive and recognition strategies.


Philanthropy: Mary Kay Inc. (Don't Look Away)

Mary Kay is committed to ending domestic violence as part of its Don’t Look Away initiative. This program provides tools, support and resources to empower women to take a stand against domestic violence in their lives and not look away from abuse. The program works to end domestic violence through the support of survivors and a prevention component that seeks to educate young women about dating violence and help end the cycle before it starts. Through the company’s prevention efforts, healthy relationship conversations have impacted countless young people and will touch an estimated 80,000 individuals in 2014. Together with The Mary Kay Foundation, the company has also provided millions of dollars in unrestricted funds and support to help women’s shelters across the U.S. Providing a safe haven for women and children with job training and counseling support, these organizations are the true heroes on the front lines of this issue every day. Mary Kay’s commitment to domestic violence has touched hundreds of thousands of women across the U.S. since the Foundation expanded its mission in 2001 and the company adopted domestic violence as its core issue area in 2008.

Public Awareness: Rodan + Fields Dermatologists (Forbes.com Business Feature)

Rodan + Fields was featured in a business article entitled “Fine in R&D, But Not in the Boardroom: How Rodan + Fields Grew 10-Fold by Avoiding Top-level Tinkering,” in business giant Forbes.com. The piece focused on how the executive team is building the brand while maintaining its core strategies. Throughout the article, Rodan + Fields’ executives discuss both the positive and negative business decisions they have made, demonstrating how the company is able to learn, adapt and grow by taking carefully measured risks. Rodan + Fields believes it is particularly important for a direct selling company to be honest and transparent with its business decisions. Through the article’s publication, tens of thousands of business readers were introduced to Rodan + Fields as a powerful, forward-thinking company that is leveraging the direct selling channel. By raising the company’s visibility in the business community, Rodan + Fields also built brand loyalty among current consultants and attracted new consultants who may not have been otherwise predisposed to considering the business model seriously. The powerful piece, which garnered nearly 32,000 views within the first day, painted an extremely positive picture of Rodan + Fields, highlighting the business savvy and successful strategy of its leadership team.

Marketing & Sales Campaigns


Successful entries will demonstrate excellence, creativity and innovation in effective outreach to key audiences.

2014 Winner: WineShop At Home (Wine is Social)

Past Winners

2013 Scentsy Family - Backstage Pass (Social Media/Online & Category Winner)

Scentsy’s “Light It Up” Convention 2012 in Las Vegas was game-changing. The company had just launched a new chocolate fondue brand, Velata, and was using Convention to announce a third brand, Grace Adele. They needed an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate new product launches, share the Convention experience and generate momentum-building enthusiasm with as many of their passionate consultants as possible. In 2011, they spent nearly $20,000 to provide more than six hours of live Convention video feed to 3,700 consultants. In the end, it seemed the consultants’ participation through live streaming was passive. There had to be a better way. The answer was a three-phase, social media tsunami called “Backstage Pass,” designed around three stages: tease it, tell it, treasure it. The Backstage Pass program yielded a stronger and more active participation from consultants at the Convention and from those at home than live streaming ever did, at a fraction of the cost.

2013 Vemma Nutrition Company - Verve Bold Launch (Launches)

When Vemma formulated a new product for its healthy energy drink line, the company knew in order to reach the intended audience—mostly members of the Gen Y age group—it would need an innovative mix of marketing techniques to generate excitement and create momentum. With this in mind, Vemma went about generating brand awareness and excitement for the product in new and creative ways, turning to social outlets to reach its key audiences. The launch plan included activities ranging from a pre-launch premiere of the product at the Sundance Film Festival and on Entertainment Tonight to creating Bold Launch party kits and hosting Bold Launch blackout parties nationwide. Using social media platforms was also key to the successful launch strategy. The results have been tremendous. Verve Bold has already achieved the second-highest sales in the Vemma product line. The company expects sales to continue to increase, potentially making Verve Bold the company’s top-selling product. In just a few short months, more than 850,000 cans have been sold. At this rate, projected sales will total 10 million cans this year, with more than $30 million in sales. Verve Bold is well on its way to becoming the company’s No. 1 product.

2013 Scentsy Family - Scentsy Fragrance ScenTrend (Promotions)

After seven years of rapid growth thanks to the popularity of its flagship product—a wickless candle—Scentsy Fragrance aspired to be known as more than an innovative candle company selling warmers and wax. With plans to use its fragrance expertise to expand into personal care, Scentsy sought to position itself as a leader in the fragrance industry. Scentsy and its public relations partner, Fahlgren Mortine, developed, implemented and promoted a program identifying the up-and-coming fragrance note of the year, which they named ScenTrend 2012. Program feasibility was established in early 2011 and Scentsy’s fragrance experts identified the top trending fragrance note for the coming year. Ultimately, Pink Pepper was chosen for its bold, invigorating scent with warm undertones—perfect for capturing 2012’s need for optimism and energy, but also comfort. The campaign reached more than 41 million people through media and blogger relations with Scentsy’s message of fragrance expertise, and drove sales of $3.4 million in Pink Pepper Scentsy Bars. A second wave of communication in fall 2012 maintained ScenTrend’s relevance to consumers and positioned Scentsy to announce ScenTrend 2013: Violet Leaf, which is already surpassing Pink Pepper benchmarks.

2012 Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

The Rodan + Fields Age-O-Meter won this award in 2012. The Age-O-Meter is a viral Facebook application that helps Rodan + Fields consultants leverage the power of social media to enhance prospecting efforts and promote its AMP MDTM system. Since its launch in 2011, the Age-O-Meter has received more than 100,000 hits and Rodan + Fields has experienced tremendous business growth.


Launches: Ahni & Zoe (A Launch from A to Z)

Successfully reinventing a beloved brand from the ground up is not for the faint of heart. This program is about how the Ahni & Zoe team bravely evolved a business and industry, launching an appealing, dynamic new opportunity. Despite the challenges and naysayers, their sales and marketing efforts engaged and reinvigorated their consultants to let go of the past, embrace the new brand and reach new demographics to find unprecedented success. They’re moving forward with a clear strategy, best-practice programs and a penchant for fun. And their optimism appears to be well-founded, as all initial indicators are showing that Ahni & Zoe has a winning formula.

Promotions: WineShop At Home (Wine is Social BYOB Recruiting & Host Promotion)

The Wine is Social promotion campaign, along with its BYOB Recruiting & Host Promotion invited wine lovers—and those brand-new to the world of wine—to join the company as a wine consultant, host or guest. The objective was to transform lives by building a culture and community to celebrate the wine lifestyle and the entrepreneurial spirit of direct selling—knocking down socio-economic, ethnic or gender boundaries. The campaign launched in a month that is traditionally slow for direct selling companies, blew all of the metrics out of the water and propelled the company forward with double-digit growth.

Social Media/Online: WineShop At Home (Wine is Social)

WineShop At Home’s revolutionary “Wine is Social” media platform is a custom set of digital tools that allows their independent sales field to create a community of wine lovers and market their businesses online. In addition to a responsive website, viewable on mobile, tablet and desktop, the digital toolset, along with on-going education, is focused on social selling—enhancing WineShop At Home’s in-home Wine Tasting events with an equally social online presence. Wine is Social has resulted in double-digit increases in all business metrics.

Rising Star


The Rising Star Award is designed to recognize up-and-coming direct selling companies that have dedicated themselves to achieving a high standard of excellence in business operations.

2014 Winner: Celadon Road, Inc.

2014 Finalists

Celadon Road, Inc.

Celadon Road is a party plan company that was founded by Kimberly Cornwell in 2008 and launched in 2009. Celadon Road’s mission is to promote greener, healthier, and more socially responsible living. Celadon Road offers consultants and customers the highest quality natural, eco-friendly products for their everyday needs. "Celadon" is a pale shade of green. Celadon Road's looks to inspire individuals to discover and explore their shade of green and to purchase with a purpose. The company believes if we all make small changes toward a greener lifestyle, collectively we can have a profound impact on our world. Celadon Road has several hundred consultants in 48 states and excited about its growth potential in 2014 and beyond.

Past Winners

2013 Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse is not the same old story of network marketing meets skincare and supplements. Jeunesse is a global business that helps people reach their full potential in youthful looks, in healthy living and in embracing life. Jeunesse sets itself apart from the rest through its products, people and plan. The company’s Jeunesse Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) isn’t just about looking young. It’s about feeling young for the long term. Even the sciences they employ are new and cutting-edge. The company’s best-of-the-best formulas are innovative, and the youthful results are real. Jeunesse shares an emotional reward for people that no networking company can match. Their culture springs from the integrity and core values of their founders and as a result, their global family of distributors experience rewarding relationships based on mutual respect, trust and love. And the company’s charity, Jeunesse Kids, serves as a great example of their dedication toward making a difference. Finally, with a lucrative and balanced compensation plans, the Jeunesse Financial Rewards Plan is able to reward more people with more money. The company’s consistent pattern of growth proves their plan is a success.

2012 Viridan Energy

Through unique product innovation, commitment to sustainability and a complementary relationship with word-of-mouth marketing, Viridian Energy has made its mark in the direct selling industry, achieving more than $200 million in annual sales in only three short years. Since launching its affordable green energy in Connecticut in the Fall of 2009, the company has grown to more than 180,000 customers and 18,000 associates in six states. Viridian was the first to offer an electricity plan that was greener and more affordable than the utility companies’, allowing consumers to do something better for the environment without changing their behavior or paying more. Since many consumers in newly deregulated states were hesitant to choose a supplier based on traditional advertising, word-of-mouth marketing based on trusted, existing relationships was the perfect channel to sell the product. These conditions, along with a steadfast commitment to supporting its dedicated salesforce, have positioned Viridian for explosive and sustained growth. As more consumers realize the benefits of energy choice and renewable energy, the potential for growth is limitless.

2011 Team Beachbody

Team Beachbody recognized early on that the best means of promotion was not television infomercials or ads, but instead Beachbody customers themselves. Recognizing this, the Team Beachbody Coaching Network was launched. The network gives customers the opportunity the start their independent business sharing the products they love. In one year, the program grew from 17,000 coaches to more than 50,000. Team Beachbody continues to grow in size and sales and continues to maintain high standards of ethics, philanthropy and customer service.

2010 Rodan + Fields

Rodan + Fields represents a paradigm shift in direct selling. Launched in 2002 by Stanford University-trained dermatologists Katie Rodan, M.D., and Kathy Fields, M.D., Rodan + Fields Dermatologists first established its equity as a leading clinical skincare brand in top-tier department stores. Despite its early success, the founders had a vision for changing lives beyond the benefits of the products. They recognized the unprecedented direct selling potential derived from the brand’s equity coupled with a huge market need. Pursuing this vision, the company embarked on a bold business transformation, withdrawing from department stores and launching a direct selling business model that enables passionate entrepreneurs to effectively compete with skincare industry giants. With integrity beyond reproach, products that exceed customers’ expectations and a commitment to community and marketplace values, Rodan + Fields Dermatologists strives to create an enduring legacy for its independent consultants, employees and the direct selling industry.

2009 Scentsy, Inc.

Scentsy is headquartered in Meridian, Idaho, and owned and operated by Orville and Heidi Thompson. Scentsy, Inc., opened its doors in 2004 with the idea of offering a safe, wickless alternative to burning candles in homes and offices. The company’s passion has grown from offering a safer alternative to offering a better alternative. Scentsy’s flagship product line is an array of decorative warmers that utilize a low-watt bulb to melt a fragrance-filled, wickless candle bar.



The DSA Partnership Award recognizes Supplier Member companies that provide a product or service that has/had a measurable impact on the growth or development of an Active Member company or increases the profitability of a member. The judges are looking for a sustained relationship between the supplier and active members.

2014 Winner: hyperWALLET Systems

Past Winners

2013 IMN Inc.

IMN Inc., the 2013 ETHOS Partnership Award winner, is a digital marketing company that delivers branded email newsletters and content with proven results driving an average of 2-3 times more sales and recruits. IMN offers a complete email marketing service combining expertly-written lifestyle content, distribution capabilities, social media capabilities, and behavioral analytics in every newsletter campaign. Since 2003, innovative direct selling companies have embraced IMN’s newsletter service to help them grow distribution and increase average sales volume. IMN newsletters help protect corporate branding and messaging while also allowing individual consultants and distributors to personalize and customize each newsletter to engage their customers and prospects.

2012 Iacono Productions

Iacono Productions is a full-service, media communication company, celebrating its 25th anniversary. Our core competency is the development, planning, staging and execution of major business meetings. Essentially, we help our clients effectively, dynamically and memorably express their identity, brand and message in a convention venue. The mission of Iacono Productions is to stage events, develop content, and design media that is creative, fresh, relevant, exciting, on-target, and ideally suited to the audience. Iacono Productions relies on a collabortive, team-oriented process that emphasizes the exchange of ideas. It is our firm belief that success is derived from listening to our clients and keeping them involved in the process. We learn their objectives and the expectations of the audience. We seek input and receive approval for every management, creative and technical decision. We strive, in everything we do, to exceed expectations.

2011 Harland Clarke

Harland Clarke received DSA’s Partnership Award for its work with a number of DSA member companies. Harland Clarke began its partnership with Mary Kay in 1994 with their branded personal check program. Their partnership grew to include an area known as MKConnections and includes business cards, stationary, and sales and business tools. In 2007, Harland Clarke took the lead on the project of the creation, development and maintenance for the new MKConnections site and completed the project flawlessly and on time. Most recently, Harland Clarke developed the MKConnections Prize Voucher program, which has had overwhelming success and, because of this, the program has been extended into 2012. Over the years, Harland Clarke has demonstrated their commitment to the success of Mary Kay’s consultants as well as their commitment to the industry.

2010 Grimes & Reese

Grimes & Reese is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing legal services to direct sellers. Because the firm only represents direct sellers, it is uniquely able to assist clients to achieve their business objectives while remaining in compliance with the law and adhering to industry best practices. The firm regularly represents and mentors clients ranging from small start-up operations to some of the largest in the industry. Grimes & Reese’s expertise in the industry is highlighted by the fact that in all of the major FTC pyramid scheme actions brought against direct sellers in the past decade the defendants have sought out their firm for representation. They have a truly unique understanding of legal expertise, marketing practices, compensation plan operation and industry ethics that enables them to provide legal services to direct sellers that other law firms simply cannot match.

2009 ServiceQuest

Supplier member ServiceQuest received DSA’s Partnership Award for its work with a number of DSA member companies. ServiceQuest is a distributor service consulting and training firm that has exclusively served the direct selling industry since 1988, providing distributor services at three levels: developing distributor service agents, supervisors and managers through mentoring and training; designing processes, scripts and work flow that create continuity and a quality experience for the distributor; and championing best practices that result in meaningful and memorable service experiences, contributing to distributor and consultant retention. The ServiceQuest program elevates the consultant and distributor service experience at all points of contact with direct selling companies, beginning with the distributor service front-line agents.

2008 Direct Selling News

Direct Selling News received DSAs Partnership Award for its work with a number of DSA member companies. Direct Selling News is a trade publication serving direct selling executives and suppliers, and strives to be a partner to the industry at large to help readers grow and manage their businesses. Each issue of Direct Selling News offers content on topics that shape the dynamics of our industry. Industry News features headlines from around the globe, including the latest legal and regulatory issues. Financial Report keeps busy executives up-to-date on the latest financial trends in direct selling. Working Smart covers the tactics and strategies that enable companies to meet industry challenges, improve efficiencies and achieve business objectives, and New Perspectives offers original content and insightful commentary from respected direct selling executives and industry consultants.

2007 Dan Jensen Consulting

Dan Jensen Consulting has helped many direct selling companies build winning compensation plans that result in long-term growth and retention. In many instances, their clients sales were falling, and with the assistance of Dan Jensen Consulting, sales and recruitment turned around significantly. The companys approach is simple: relying on industry experience, they teach clients to follow proven successful compensation incentive principles. They also teach executives to make critical decisions, building growth and removing obstacles that create poor sales and recruiting, and help each client leverage the power of direct selling. Having worked with hundreds of companies during his industry career, Dan Jensen is honored that his company makes a difference for his clients and their representatives.

2006 ZOOM.7 Genuine Meetings & Events

The team at ZOOM.7 has a 20-year track record of producing meetings and events all over the world. Their specialty is in presenting flawless shows featuring innovative product launches, high-energy presentations, engaging entertainment and inspirational recognition for top achievers. The professionals at ZOOM.7 combine a deep understanding of business objectives with extensive creative and technical expertise to rigorously respond to client requirements. Their well-tested process for organization and budgeting allows for a turnkey pricing policy that produces no surprises after the event. The results are highly effective meetings and events that bring their clients back year after year.

2005 B2 Direct

B2 Direct is an industry-leading direct marketing company providing high value solutions to its customers. The company provides field sales representatives with affordable and proven marketing tools to help them grow their business. Their experienced customer support, unsurpassed turnaround times, customized Web sites, creative services, and state-of-the-art production and fulfillment center gives the salesforce a true competitive advantage in the market. B2 Direct has developed turn-key customized solutions designed to provide an additional profit center for its partners, while ensuring brand compliance and standardization. At B2 Direct, they measure the success of their programs by the satisfaction of their customers.

2004 QuinStreet, Inc.

QuinStreet, Inc., is a leader in providing complete and cost-effective technology, business and marketing solutions to direct selling companies worldwide. With more than 250 professionals based in five offices worldwide, the company provides global solutions, services and support to more than 175 clients in the U.S., Europe and Asia. QuinStreet has extensive industry and technology expertise in direct selling, network marketing and party plan solutions. QuinStreets key offerings include order placement and management, commissions and genealogy management, online enrollment, global corporate Web sites and personalized Web sites, online marketing and design, E-commerce, and lead management. QuinStreet is a proud member of several DSA and DSEF councils and committees, and a continuous supporter of the direct selling industry. The company is headquartered in Foster City, California; QuinStreet Europe is headquartered in the United Kingdom; the Japan office will open in Summer 2004.

2003 ProPay USA

ProPay provides innovative payment solutions to both direct selling companies and their independent sales representatives. These services have led to increased sales and reduced cost for corporate and individual customers. ProPay enables customers to accept credit card payments without the traditional expense of special equipment, monthly fees or long-term commitments or contracts. ProPay makes accepting credit cards simple, safe and affordable. In addition to offering the ability to accept credit card payments, ProPay allows for movement of funds at a reduced cost in a payment intranet. This feature allows for the payment of commissions and wholesale purchases, all within the ProPay Network, at substantial savings. ProPay has recently enhanced its services with the addition of a MasterCard-branded stored-value card, further simplifying and reducing the costs associated with the movement of money. ProPays product offering, combined with exceptional customer support, has enabled it to develop and maintain relationships with many leading direct selling companies including AdvoCare, Creative Memories, Herbalife, Mary Kay, NuSkin, Oxyfresh, Tahitian Noni, TARRAH Cosmetics, Tastefully Simple and Unicity.

2002 SWJ-Southwest, Inc.

SWJ-Southwest, Inc., received DSA's Partnership Award for its work with a number of DSA member companies. The award honors supplier member companies whose work with direct selling companies has had a measurable impact on the growth or development of an active member company, or increases the profitability of a member. For nearly 30 years, SWJ-Southwest has been providing direct sellers with incentives and products that nurture field growth and stimulate sales. SWJ-Southwest carries both custom one-of-a-kind awards and unique ready-made motivational products to inspire leaders in the field. Custom-designed incentives signify recognition for jobs done well or goals reached. Led by company president Richard Janish, SWJ-Southwest has a long list of relationships with active member companies including The Pampered Chef, Ltd., The Homemaker's Idea Company, Discovery Toys, The Longaberger Company and many more.

2001 Richard Weylman, Inc.

Richard Weylman provides motivational messages and educational programs to direct sales companies. Orphaned at the age of 6, Richard has taken the negative and turned it into a positive. His career has taken him from door-to-door selling to developing several highly successful companies. Richard is a sought after speaker in the direct selling industry and was recommended for the Partnership Award by companies including Nutrition for Life, The Conklin Company, Rena-Ware International and Premier Designs. Richard regularly speaks on a number of topics including recruiting quality people, motivating and retaining a downline, prospecting effectively and expanding entrepreneurial vision.

2000 Wakefield Talabisco International

Wakefield Talabisco International is an executive search firm concentrating on senior level positions in select consumer organizations on a global basis. The firm has partnered with a number of DSA member companies including The Longaberger Company, Excel Communications, Inc., USANA, and Interstate Engineering.

1999 Cloward and Associates

Cloward and Associates, a DSA supplier member, won the 1999 DSA Partnership Award for its work in revitalizing the compensation systems for Shaklee, Country Peddlers, Tupperware and Watkins. President of the company, Doug Cloward, accepted the award.

1998 VideoPlus

VideoPlus won the 1998 Partnership Award for its work with Nikken and a host of other DSA member companies. VideoPlus' relationship with Nikken began in 1991, when Nikken turned to VideoPlus to help with video and audio production, duplication and delivery. After successfully handling this project, the two companies worked together again to use satellite technology to make Nikken's communications easily accessible to distributors throughout North America and Europe.

1997 Jenkon International

Jenkon International worked with Shaklee Corporation create a uniform and global computer system for tracking consultants' sales and earnings.

1996 Town & Country

Town & Country provides business cards, stationery and other sales tools to direct sales representatives and delivers orders within five business days, which allows them to begin their direct selling businesses quickly.

1995 The Dick Appelbaum Company

The Dick Appelbaum Company worked with six different direct selling companies and the Direct Selling Association to find the right solutions to particular problems.