Recognizing Innovation, Vision, Excellence and Partnership
DSA's renowned industry awards are designed to identify and promote innovations to help companies and their salesforces improve their operations. Whether used to empower independent direct sellers, fuel businesses processes or make our world a better place, the awards have one thing in common: they help promote direct selling as a business channel that helps people create better lives.

DSA’s awards program features seven awards representing eight subcategories. Each subcategory winner is a finalist to receive the category award.

The 2017 recipients are:


Excellence in Salesforce Development Award: Scentsy, Inc.


Marketing and Sales Campaign Award: New Avon LLC Product

 Ruby Ribon

Innovation Award: Ruby Ribbon, Inc.

 One Hope

Rising Star Award: viaONEHOPE

 Pampered Chef

Technology Innovation Award: Pampered Chef

 Damsel in Defense

Vision for Tomorrow Award: Damsel in Defense

 Momentum Factor

Partnership Award: Momentum Factor

Awards Categories & Sample Submissions

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  • Technology Innovation

  • Product Innovation

  • Vision for Tomorrow

  • Excellence in Salesforce Development

  • Marketing/Sales Campaigns

  • Rising Star

  • Partnership

Award finalists and recipients will be featured during DSA’s Annual Meeting and beyond, providing winning companies with access to a spotlight that will showcase their successes. It is an effective way for recipients to motivate their salesforce, illustrate their commitment and promote their companies.

DSA looks forward to a rich and diverse slate of programs for this year’s awards program!