Scheef & Stone, LLP
Address: 500 N. Akard
Suite 2700
Dallas, TX 75201-3306
Phone: 214-706-4200
Fax: 214-706-4242
Web Site(s):
Products / Services: Incorporation Service, Legal Representation, Patents and Trademarks
Company Description:
Scheef & Stone, LLP is a full-service business law firm located in Dallas, Texas. C. Brenton Kugler, a partner at the firm, is the former General Counsel of DSA member AdvoCare International and has more than 12 years of experience in providing comprehensive legal representation to direct sales companies. Brent represents direct sellers in litigation throughout the U.S. and provides advice and recommendations to companies on state and federal regulatory compliance, distributor policies, supply chain issues, media inquiries, product claims, governmental affairs, risk management and general business matters. As a full service law firm, Scheef & Stone, LLP also offers direct sales companies the services of attorneys who provide efficient, prompt, and professional legal representation in a wide variety of sophisticated practice areas, including trademark protection, federal and state taxation, e-commerce and internet-related transactions and corporate law.
Year Founded: 1992
Member Since:
Type: Supplier
Contact Name: C. Brenton Kugler
Limited financial information may be available. Contact DSA Supplier Coordinator for more information.
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