My Sales Tactics LLC
Address: 1310 Lindenwald Drive
New Albany, OH 43054-9436
Phone: 614-855-0446
Web Site(s):
Products / Services: Management Consultants, Training Consultants, Speakers/Facilitators
Company Description:
My Sales Tactics is a professional skill development company providing you with successful strategies to help your salesforce book more parties (or appointments), sponsor more effectively, develop leaders and build strong sales teams. Barb Girson, CEO, is an interactive, creative, entertaining speaker, and a Registered Corporate Coach™ with extensive party plan expertise. Contact us to act as an interim sales leader for field development or to design/deliver sales training/coaching programs for workshops, leader retreats, and conventions. Barb offers you a diverse direct sales industry background as an entrepreneur, corporate senior management employee, and a top national field leader. She excelled in sales, recruiting and promoting leaders. Audiences (field, staff, start up, established) relate to Barb and Gain Confidence | Get into Action | Grow Sales | My Sales Tactics is excited to share with you strategies that STICK™! My Sales Tactics publishes a monthly email newsletter read by thousands. To join visit:
Year Founded: 2009
Member Since: Dec 17, 2012
Type: Supplier
Contact Name: Barbara Girson
Limited financial information may be available. Contact DSA Supplier Coordinator for more information.
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