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Company Description:
International Payout systems Inc.(IPS) has created a global payment system to enable the multi-national company to send and receive payments anywhere in the world in the shortest amount of time and at the lowest possible cost. IPS has assembled a network of banks around the world so that our clients can create in-country subsidiaries transacting business in local currencies in each country where they have a presence. In addition, our clients can pay their employees, suppliers, commissioned reps, and others while controlling all payments in every country through a single gateway console. The recipient configures their portal to receive payments and make payments through a pseudo bank account/e-wallet that is flexible, convenient and highly secure. The IPS mobile wallet delivers access everywhere and anywhere mobile phone service is available.
Products / Services: Commission Payment Services, Credit Card Services, Financial Services, Software
Website(s): http://www.i-payout.com
Contact Name: Simon Venhuizen
E-mail: simon@i-payout.com
Phone: 866-312-8744
Fax: 954-454-1759
Address: 540 NE 4th Street
Second Floor
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-1784
Year Founded: 2007
Member Since: Oct 16, 2013
Type: Supplier
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