Nutravail, LLC
Address: 14790 Flint Lee Road
Chantilly, VA 20151-1513
Phone: 703-222-6340
Web Site(s):
Products / Services: Food/Food Supplements, Nutritional Products
Company Description:
Nutravail is a leading contract manufacturer serving direct selling companies. The Companyís flagship product line is the uncooked soft chew. This versatile process allows Nutravail to incorporate many nutraceutical ingredients that cannot withstand the high temperatures of a traditional confectionery process. Nutravailís products focus on delivering a growing menu of nutraceutical ingredients in a great-tasting format outside of the traditional capsule, tablet and powder delivery forms.
Year Founded: 2006
Member Since: Jun 21, 2017
Type: Supplier
Contact Name: Gregory Thoren
Limited financial information may be available. Contact DSA Supplier Coordinator for more information.
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