Shipware, LLC
Address: 11650 Iberia Place
Suite 130
San Diego, CA 92128-2431
Phone: 858-879-2020 ext.111
Web Site(s):
Products / Services: Business Consultants, Distribution Services/Shipping, Transportation
Company Description:
Shipware helps volume parcel LTL shippers reduce costs 10-30%, guaranteed. With decades of transportation negotiation experience, Shipware is the best in the business at helping shippers improve discounts, concessions and contract terms with transportation service providers. We can also optimize your carrier mix and modes of transport to ensure you’re paying as little as possible for the transit speed required. Shipware’s proprietary audit software analyzes weekly invoices for overcharges, late shipments and other common errors, and applies all credits directly to your carrier account. Finally, we provide powerful reporting tools for greater spend management visibility empowering our clients to make intelligent and low cost transportation decisions.
Year Founded: 2005
Member Since: Mar 9, 2017
Type: Supplier Exhibitor
Contact Name: Chris Franzen
Limited financial information may be available. Contact DSA Supplier Coordinator for more information.
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