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Company Description:
INVNT (a subsidiary of Time Inc.) collaborates with brands and organizations to launch products, recognize & celebrate, build brand allegiance, strengthen relations, create demand and align organizations with target audiences worldwide. Specialties include Meetings & Events, Creative Services, Media & Digital, and Branded Environments. Clients include PepsiCo, Merck, Grant Thornton, General Motors, Subway & ESPN. Live Media: Critical audiences gathered together. Experiences that cause messages to strike, stick and spread. Creative Services: What’s the story? Does it move your people? How should it be told? Media & Digital: Content and platforms that ignite emotions, build believers and form bonds to your brand. Branded Environments: Spaces that let audiences step inside, explore and discover.
Products / Services: Production Services, Marketing/Branding Consultants, Video Services
Contact Name: Scott M Kerr
Phone: 212-334-3415
Address: 524 Broadway
4th Floor
New York, NY 10012-4408
Year Founded: 2008
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