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Company Description:
With more than 25 years of experience, S4DS offers a unique one-stop Software as a Service solution that allows clients to manage all of the activities involved in the direct sales processes. With several modules, S4DS software solution targets the three main needs within the industry: relationship with sellers, company operations and Web management. By using this solution, direct selling companies achieve faster client base growth in different countries with the cross-country functionality, minimize costs and build stronger relationships with their salesforce.  S4DS proprietary software is a Cloud Computing – SaaS which leads to a lower cost of technology ownership (TCO-Total Cost of Ownership). It is a modular and scalable product, which has a functional coverage according to the number of modules acquired by each client and their operation needs (Including all the different models of Direct Selling: Party Plan, MLM, Single level).
Products / Services: Genealogy/Compensation Management Systems, Mobile Apps, Software
Website(s): http://www.s4ds.com
Contact Name: Carlos Florez
E-mail: sales@s4ds.com
Phone: 415-692-5515
Address: 1001 Brickell Bay Drive
Suite 1504
Miami, FL 33131-4938
Year Founded: 2008
Member Since: Sep 13, 2022
Type: Supplier
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