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Company Description:
CITCON is a cross-border mobile payment and commerce solution leader, enabling merchants to accept QR-based mobile wallets in-store and online on a global scale. Among the payment options supported by CITCON, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and China UnionPay are the most popular, with over one billion active consumers. On top of payments, CITCON allows merchants to run marketing and loyalty campaigns through its partner network. Trusted by thousands of merchants in North America and Europe to reach millions of merchant locations, including Caesars Entertainment Group, DFS Group, Nordstrom, Kering Group, and LVMH Group, CITCON offers solutions that drive omnichannel commerce growth in a variety of industries ranging from Retail, e-Commerce, Hotel, Food & Beverage, Transportation, Entertainment, and Education.
Products / Services: International Market Consultants, Commission Payment Services, Financial Services
Contact Name: Jinhua Hou
Phone: 888-254-4887
Address: 3975 Freedom Circle,
Suite 870
Santa Clara, CA 95054-1241
Year Founded: 2015
Member Since: May 15, 2019
Type: Supplier
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