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Company Description:
Ameli Global Partnerships (AGP) , a Strategic Business and Cultural Transformation Partnerships agency, has a long history of experience and expertise within the Direct Selling industry through a team of 10 Independent Partners, worldwide, who have a combined successful depth and width of hands- on Corporate, Field and Consulting experience. We provide effective, unique, proven and personalized Inclusive Business, Diversity, Equity & Cultural strategic plans, trainings and advisory services, for companies and all their stakeholders. We partner with organizations to develop, enhance, and sustainably achieve business turn arounds by putting People, Culture and Values at the foundation of growth. Through special trainings, we help co-create a comprehensive Cultural Transformation that in turn generates an increased triple bottom line: People, Profit, and Planet. We have a broad, deep, and on-the-ground understanding as well as successful hands-on expertise and experience of all the latest trends and best practices in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging but also within the Direct Selling channel as well as in E-Commerce Direct to Consumer, Retail, and Affiliate channels. Each of our independent Partners has a minimum of 15 years , of domestic and/or global experience, in Business and Cultural Transformation in the following industries: Health/Wellness & Fitness, Personal Care & Beauty, Jewelry & accessories, Food, Lifestyle, Technology and Durable Good/Home industries. We have expertise in multiple areas of the business: Sales, Field Development & Training, Incentives & Recognition, Compensation Plan (strategy & modeling), Technology (strategic approach, vendor selection and integration), Marketing & Communication, Branding (including Full Potential Branding), Product Development & Regulatory, International Expansion, US- diverse submarkets group expansion & penetration (US-Latino, US-Asian, others) , and Legal & Regulatory strategy. Within our Cultural expertise, we specialize in: Cultural Transformation: comprehensive Value-Based Cultural Assessment, creation and/or enhancement of customized cultural strategic and implementation plans linked to both quantitative and qualitative KPIs; Complete and Integrated Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Strategy, planning, implementation and tracking; Organizational Development; Executive Business & Cultural Coaching, Our personalized approach is also based on our Cultural Competency as we have lived, worked and operated not only in the U.S. but also overseas. We have a "built-in" global lens as we work with our clients both domestically & internationally to ensure we are not only helping them in their home market, but also how to build their global appeal upfront vs an afterthought later. Our expertise covers: North America (U.S. sub-markets), Asia Pacific (including China), Latin America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Please visit our website today for more information or to connect with us: www.ameliglobalpartnerships.com
Products / Services: Business Consultants, Compensation Consultants, Incentive/Recognition Consultants, International Market Consultants, Management Consultants, Marketing/Branding Consultants, Training Consultants, Patents and Trademarks, Speakers/Facilitators, Consultant Business Tools, Sales Aids, Training Materials, Virtual Training
Website(s): http://www.ameliglobalpartnerships.com
Contact Name:
E-mail: mona@ameliglobalpartnerships.com
Phone: 415-813-0120
Address: 6173 View Crest Drive
Oakland, CA, CA 94619-3728
Year Founded: 2018
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