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Company Description:
ZoomEssence, Inc. creates custom flavors bursting with taste and aroma in powder form for leading food and beverage brands. The company's game-changing, advanced no-heat powder flavor creation process called Zooming encapsulates flavor and aroma and renders spray drying obsolete, delivering results for partner brands where taste and aroma are the key contributors to the highest level of consumer appeal. ZoomEssence DriZoom powders are found in millions of pounds of name brand products all around the world. ZoomEssence, Inc. has been innovating flavors since 2008 and operates facilities in Sayreville, NJ and Hebron, KY. See more at www.ZoomEssence.com.
Products / Services: Flavors/Fragrances, Food/Food Supplements
Website(s): http://zoomessence.com
Contact Name: Shane Lefler
Phone: 844-374-9666
Address: 1139 Victory Place
Hebron, KY 41048-8293
Year Founded: 2009
Member Since: Jun 2, 2019
Type: Supplier
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