Meeting Escrow Inc.
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Company Description:
Meeting Escrow works with companies globally to simplify and secure finances for meetings, incentives, conferences, sponsorships, events and promotions. Meeting & incentive departments, indirect procurement, treasury, legal and accounting all benefit from our time-saving and cost-reducing financial and risk management services: single vendor payment solution, foreign currency budget protection (trust accounts in 20 currencies available), supplier advance deposit escrow protection, VAT tax reclaim, W-8BEN form management. All client funds are held in segregated trust accounts for 100% transparency and security. We carry $12 million in insurance coverage. Clients pay Meeting Escrow an annual fee plus a percentage of the funds deposited in trust. Clients earn interest on funds held in USD and CAD trust. Meeting Escrow pays all wire transfers fees. Letís start the conversation and see how we can help your organization!
Products / Services: Destination Management, Hotels/Resorts, Financial Services
Contact Name: Grant Snider
Phone: 647-494-4157
Address: 140 Yonge Street, Suite 200
Toronto M5C 1X6
Year Founded: 2015
Member Since: Feb 13, 2020
Type: Supplier
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