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Company Description:
Buchalter is a full service law firm with a dedicated industry group specializing in servicing the needs of direct selling companies Industry group chair, Larry Steinberg, has been working with direct sales companies since he began representing BurnLounge in 2007, a representation that lasted for seven years. The firm is experienced in representing direct sales companies in connection with a host of issues pertaining to relationships between companies and their past and current independent distributors. The firm counsels its clients to assist in responding to inquiries from governmental agencies, consumer groups, and the DSSRC, and in mitigating and avoiding litigation. The firm represents its clients in arbitrations, class actions and other lawsuits involving issues such as pyramid, income and health claims, the discipline and termination of distributors, cross-marketing and improper solicitation, business development agreements, robocall claims under the TCPA, misappropriation of trade secrets, trademark and copyright infringement, and unfair competition.
Products / Services: Legal Representation, Patents and Trademarks
Website(s): http://Buchalter.com
Contact Name: Larry Steinberg
E-mail: LSteinberg@buchalter.com
Phone: 213-891-5610
Address: 1000 Wilshire Blvd
Suite 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90017-1730
Year Founded: 1948
Member Since: Dec 13, 2021
Type: Supplier
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