Bloo Kanoo
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Company Description:
Bloo Kanoo is a leading provider of livestream shopping and shoppable video tools and the first company to enable distributors to conduct shoppable videoconferences, host shoppable livestreams and leverage shoppable videos directly on their own distributor sites. Bloo Kanoo’s suite of products empowers all online retail companies to finally eliminate the gap between online and offline selling and to experience conversion rates that are five to ten times higher than traditional ecommerce. The application can be implemented in days not months and adoption is high because it is based on technology that distributors are already using in their personal and professional lives. Bloo Kanoo’s Mission is to humanize the internet by eliminating the line between digital and personal selling.
Products / Services: Mobile Apps, Software
Contact Name: Dave Siembieda
Phone: 866-943-2869
Address: 55 Shuman Blvd.
Suite #350
Naperville, IL 60563-8243
Year Founded: 2020
Member Since: Oct 7, 2021
Type: Supplier
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