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Company Description:
247 FCR - We are your goal! Customers want first contact resolution (FCR) of their issues around the clock, and that’s what our clients deliver. With over 20 years experience in direct selling, we transform your customer and distributor support, using an agile approach to help you improve or grow quickly. Our creative approach to customer care utilizes modern tools to provide 24/7 service to your customers and distributors at a fraction of the traditional call center cost. Let’s lower your costs and improve your customer satisfaction today! (247fcr.com)
Products / Services: Business Consultants, Management Consultants, Internet Services
Website(s): https://247fcr.com/
Contact Name: Velvet Ross
E-mail: velvet@247FCR.com
Phone: 602-561-4606
Address: 1242 N Renee Ave
Gilbert, AZ 85234-0222
Year Founded: 2021
Member Since: Mar 17, 2023
Type: Supplier Exhibitor
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