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Company Description:
QuickBox is a full-service fulfillment provider that helps brands grow and thrive by optimizing their supply chain service offerings. QuickBox works alongside brands in a consultative manner to assess and improve the post-purchase consumer experience. QuickBox offers D2C eCommerce, distributor, retail distribution, and a myriad of amazon services. QuickBox facilities are FDA-registered, with locations in Denver, CO, Atlanta, GA, Wayne, NJ, and Carson, CA. This geography allows our brands to reach end-consumers fast, yet cost-effective. QuickBox offers a host of value-add services like returns, custom packaging, and kitting to drive best-in-class consumer experience and engagement. QuickBox clients enjoy real-time transparent systems that empower brands to keep a pulse on day-to-day operational, shipping, order, and inventory statuses and provide historical reporting for trend analysis and forecasting.
Products / Services: Distribution Services/Shipping, Inventory Management/Warehouse Storage, Packaging Services, Transportation
Website(s): http://quickbox.com
Contact Name: Cayden Cribbs
E-mail: ischarmack@quickbox.com
Phone: 909-717-4082
Address: 11551 E 45th Ave
Suite C
Denver, CO 80239-3160
Year Founded: 2009
Member Since: Mar 3, 2023
Type: Supplier
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