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Company Description:
L!VE is a full-service, media communication company, celebrating 35+ years. Our core competency is the development, planning, staging and execution of major business meetings. Essentially, we help our clients effectively, dynamically and memorably express their identity, brand and message in a convention venue. The mission of L!VE is to stage events, develop content, and design media that is creative, fresh, relevant, exciting, on-target, and ideally suited to the audience. L!VE relies on a collabortive, team-oriented process that emphasizes the exchange of ideas. It is our firm belief that success is derived from listening to our clients and keeping them involved in the process. We learn their objectives and the expectations of the audience. We seek input and receive approval for every management, creative and technical decision. We strive, in everything we do, to exceed expectations.
Products / Services: Meeting Planners, Production Services, Video Services
Website(s): http://www.gowithlive.com
Contact Name: Leslie Blye, CMP
E-mail: lblye@gowithlive.com
Phone: 513-613-9709
Fax: 513-621-9748
Address: 10816 Millington Court
Suite 100
Cincinnati, OH 45242-4025
Year Founded: 1981
Member Since: Jan 1, 1994
Type: Supplier
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