Foley & Lardner LLP
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Company Description:
Foley & Lardner L.L.P. is one of the largest law firms in Texas, offering full services that meet all the legal needs of companies, entrepreneurs, and service organizations. With expertise in production distribution practice, including direct selling, network marketing and franchising, the firm represents companies selling product lines in different modes of distribution and has established a special section within the firm designated as the 'Direct Selling Practice Group' which has expertise in litigation, tax, intellectual properties and direct selling. Gardere & Wynne's 'Direct Selling Practice Group' is headed up by Doug Adkins and Jane Fergason. Their experience includes representation of direct selling and network marketing companies on regional, national and international levels, as well as startup companies that include amusement and recreation, automotive, beauty and health, clothing and accessories and household products. Doug and Jane are active members of the DSA having served on the Lawyer's Council and the Government Relations Committee, as well as other subcommittees.
Products / Services: Tax Consultants, Legal Representation, Patents and Trademarks
Contact Name: Jane D. Fergason
Phone: 214-999-4835
Fax: 214-999-4667
Address: 1601 Elm Street
Suite 3000
Dallas, TX 75201-4761
Year Founded: 1978
Member Since: Jan 1, 1993
Type: Supplier
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