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Company Description:
Every company has a purpose. Because the purpose of direct sales is to create a customer, there are two basic functions: marketing and innovation that attract and develop productive distributors who find and support customers. At ServiceQuest we guide our clients through the direct-to-consumer journey to ensure happy customers and productive, successful distributors. We are known for our emphasis on the experience: why they join, why they stay, and why they leave. And we translate decades of serving hundreds of clients into practices and training to launch new companies, revitalize stuck companies, and serve the unique needs and projects of global direct sales giants. From customer service training and scripts, tech implementation, compliance, and unique problem-solving to strategies and accelerators that create new seasons of growth, we specialize in helping our clients win with direct sales. Call us now at 208-529-9698 or visit www.servicequest.com for more information.
Products / Services: Business Consultants, Compensation Consultants, Management Consultants
Website(s): http://www.servicequest.com
Contact Name: Terrel Transtrum
E-mail: terrel@servicequest.com
Phone: 208-529-9698
Address: PO Box 1742
Idaho Falls, ID 83403-1742
Year Founded: 1988
Member Since: Apr 12, 2002
Type: Supplier
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