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Company Description:
Buy The Sea received the 2019 DSA Partnership Award because of our dedication to dozens of direct selling companies. We are the industry's largest cruise and all-inclusive resort broker. We provide our clients with the best possible net rates for individual certificate, group and charter programs onboard cruise ships and to resort destinations. We handle all aspects of negotiation, contracting and operational details of your program. Our information is unbiased and based on first hand experience with all of the products and properties we represent. Our goal is to match your program with the best possible product. Our services cost you absolutely nothing, as the suppliers pay our fees.
Products / Services: Cruise Incentives, Hotels/Resorts, Incentive/Recognition Consultants
Website(s): http://www.buysea.net
Contact Name: Caryn S. Rosenthal
E-mail: shari@buysea.net
Phone: 954-424-8649
Fax: 954-476-3689
Address: 10189 Cleary Blvd
Suite 101
Plantation, FL 33324-1027
Year Founded: 1999
Member Since: Jan 1, 2003
Type: Supplier
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