Integrated Distribution Services Inc. (IDS)
Address: 3100 Reeves Road
Plainfield, IN 46168-7926
Web Site(s):
Products / Services: Fulfillment Services, Distribution Services/Shipping, Inventory Management/Warehouse Storage, Packaging Services
Company Description:
IDS (formerly Logisco) provides order fulfillment, transportation management, and warehousing services. From a modern warehousing operation in the Indianapolis, IN area that is ideally located for national parcel distribution, IDS provide the facilities, management, technology, equipment, staff and expertise to pick and pack our clients’ orders on time, accurately, and with the care required for a Direct Selling company. IDS further supports clients with real time on-line account access, food/OTC/cosmetic grade operations, and significant cost savings on parcel freight and inbound transportation. IDS has proven success contributing to the success of direct selling companies.
Year Founded: 1965
Member Since: Jan 1, 2003
Type: Supplier Exhibitor
Contact Name: Jonathon Eickman
Limited financial information may be available. Contact DSA Supplier Coordinator for more information.
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