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Nuvei Technologies, Inc.
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Company Description:
We are Nuvei, the first-ever community of payment experts. We provide fully-supported omnichannel payments to large-scale merchants, SMBs and distribution partners, powered by our broad suite of proprietary technologies. As a member of the DSA since 2003, we've been working with Direct Sellers for nearly two decades. We understand the business model, its risks, trends and opportunities. We have deep experience in serving sophisticated merchants operating in complex and regulated industries throughout the world. One integration provides access to over 300 payment methods, 150+ currencies, and integration into all major Direct Selling software platforms. Our combination of technology, expertise and customer service provides merchants everything they need to thrive, locally and globally.
Products / Services: Credit Card Services, Financial Services
Website(s): http://www.nuvei.com
Contact Name: kim jennings
E-mail: sfitzpatrick@nuvei.com
Phone: 866-296-0433
Fax: 877-808-1881
Address: 1375 N. Scottsdale Rd
Suite 400
Scottsdale, AZ 85257-3451
Year Founded: 2003
Member Since: Sep 17, 2003
Type: Supplier Exhibitor
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