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Company Description:
Party Plan Solutions is a software development and business consulting firm dedicated to serving direct selling companies. Our products cater to: Party Plan companies- We believe that the culture and business requirements of party plan companies are unique and provide software to meet these specific needs. Non-party Direct Sales companies - We provide a FREE ad-based software solution at for all types of Direct Sales companies to use. Commission & Genealogy- We provide a standalone Commission & Genealogy solution for companies who wish to outsource the Commission & Genealogy components of their business. Commission auditing services are also provided. We are guided by our commitment to the success of our clients and believe in adding value to everything we do.
Products / Services: Order Entry, Genealogy/Compensation Management Systems, Software
Contact Name: Caleb Rider
Phone: 800-881-5650
Fax: 800-881-5650
Address: 7124 Salem Fields Blvd.
PMB #114
Fredericksburg, VA 22407-2509
Year Founded: 2001
Member Since: Jul 21, 2004
Type: Supplier
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