Global Access
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Company Description:
Global Access is the premier logistics and international expansion partner for direct sales and network marketing companies. In addition to “best price” logistics into most destinations worldwide, Access develops and supports complete market entry programs including order processing, payment handling (credit card and direct bank transfer) and customer support for network marketing companies. Access has launched and managed both NFR (“Not for Resale”) or personal import and OTG (“On the Ground”) systems for most of the major network marketing companies thriving outside of the U.S.
Products / Services: International Market Consultants, Distribution Services/Shipping, Import/Export, Software
Contact Name: Tanner Carlson
Phone: 877-811-8108
Fax: 801-221-9010
Address: 9815 S Monroe St Suite 510
Sandy, UT 84070-4328
Year Founded: 2002
Member Since: Dec 1, 2004
Type: Supplier
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