PRO Insurance Managers Inc.
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Company Description:
PRO Insurance was exclusively endorsed by the Direct Selling Association in 2005 to its members for Health, Life, Direct Seller Liability insurances and more. 65+ DSA members also exclusively endorse PRO and value the higher attraction and retention levels as well as the proven ability of these plans to convert part-time sellers to full-time at an earlier point. There is no cost or admin to the company and no participation in payment of premiums maintaining independent contractor status. Companies appreciate the custom branded and hosted landing page where sellers will find full information and immediate online rate quotes. PRO delivers competitively priced coverage and plan options from their full suite of programs specifically designed for the direct seller/entrepreneur. Multiple top rated insurance companies sources are used for Health, Medicare supplements, International Travel medical, Term life, Dental, Vision, Disability income, Direct Seller liability, Inventory, Home Based business, Event insurance, Cyber/Breach, Identity theft and more. Additionally, a full suite of Corporate insurance programs are offered and currently utilized by many direct selling firms.
Products / Services: Insurance
Contact Name: Richard C. Fuchs II
Phone: 800-821-7383
Fax: 816-941-2750
Address: P.O. Box 24427
Overland Park, KS 66283-4427
Year Founded: 1991
Member Since: May 10, 2005
Type: Supplier Exhibitor
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