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Company Description:
Rallyware Performance Enablement Platform (PEP) supercharges distributed workforces to perform the right business activities at the right time. PEP is a data-driven technology that makes it fun and rewarding for each individual to continuously take the steps towards success at every stage of building and growing their business. Rallyware has been adopted by dozens of direct selling companies in 57 countries supporting over 20 languages for millions of their distributed workforces.
Products / Services: Virtual Training, Internet Services, Mobile Apps
Website(s): http://www.rallyware.com
Contact Name: Richard Schubkegel
E-mail: info@rallyware.com
Phone: 877-858-8857
Address: 650 Castro St.
Suite 120-376
Mountain View, CA 94041-2055
Year Founded: 2003
Member Since: Jun 3, 2020
Type: Supplier Exhibitor
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