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Canada Cartage Logistics Solutions
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Company Description:
Direct Distribution Centres - Providing a Canadian Total Fulfillment solution with strategically located facilities across Canada with capacity for expansion Services include E Commerce Order Fulfillment, Pick and Pack, Kitting and Assembly services, Fully Integrated Systems - EDI Linkage to Inventory, Order Processing, Carrier allocation, Natural Health Product Site Compliant, Client Driven Solutions
Products / Services: Fulfillment Services, Distribution Services/Shipping, Import/Export, Inventory Management/Warehouse Storage, Packaging Services, Transportation
Website(s): http://cclslogistics.com/
Contact Name: Susan Delve
E-mail: info@canadacartage.com
Phone: 204-631-0545
Fax: 204-947-3083
Address: 1115 Cardiff Blvd
Mississauga, ON L3S1L8
Year Founded: 1946
Type: Supplier
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