2014 Be Connected Conference

Click here to download the final program.

This December’s Gamechanger Be Connected Conference will change more than just your game. Get ready to change everything about your conference-going experience.

  • Get ready for rapid-fire, idea-sparking panels, flying at you in 15-minute intervals.
  • Get geared up for brief keynotes, quick presentations and short idea-starters, all in the same room so you can learn as much as possible.
  • Be prepared to be peppered with cutting-edge, ground-breaking strategies from the biggest names in the business, all in easy-to-digest micro-bursts that will provide you with more moments of revelation than you can possibly act on.

This annual back-by-popular-demand conference brings together the best communications, marketing and field development minds in the industry to learn from each other creative, inspiring and innovative new ways to increase the two most important metrics you measure: your sales and your salesforce size.

This year’s GameChanger Be Connected Conference will focus on the strategies and tactics direct selling companies are using to re-envision their communcations and marketing efforts. Whether you’re focused on innovative ways to professionalize your field, fresh tactics to increase your salesforce size, bold new efforts to enhance sales strategies or dynamic ways to energize your organization, you’ll want to be in Dallas in December.