2014 Be Connected Conference

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  • Direct Selling Attendees

    The following direct selling companies have the below titled executives registered to attend this conference. Check back as this list is updated regularly!

    Vice President, Communications

    Sales Vice President
    Senior Marketing Manager
    Senior Brand Manager
    Senior Communications Manager
    Assistant Marketing Manager
    Senior Designer
    Business Ethics Associate
    Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Sales

    Chief Executive Officer & President

    Ambit Energy
    Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer
    Vice President, Consultant Support
    Director, Marketing Communications
    Creative Director
    Field Development Manager

    Chief Executive Officer

    Bling By Zing
    Vice President/Co-Founder/Owner

    Boisset Wine Living
    National Program Director
    Field Development Manager

    Celadon Road

    Celebrating Home
    Chief Information Officer
    Director of Business Intelligence and Data Management

    Crossed by Gypsy Soule
    Director of Possibilities

    Essential Bodywear
    Chief Executive Officer
    Co-Founder & Manager

    Vice President
    North American Marketing

    Gold Canyon
    Director, Sales Initiatives
    Director, Communications
    Director, Marketing
    Sales Analyst

    H2O at Home
    Chief Executive Officer

    Founder, CEO

    Director, Distributor Business Practices & Compliance

    Initials, Inc.
    CEO & Founder
    Vice President, Training & Field Development
    Field Development Director
    Field Development Coordinator
    Social Media/Marketing Associate

    Jewel Kade
    Chief Executive Officer

    Jordan Essentials
    Chief Executive Officer

    Language People
    Chief Executive Officer
    Direct Sales Advisor

    LegalShield Network Marketing

    Chief Marketing Officer

    Life Shotz
    Chief Operations Officer

    Chief Executive Officer

    Living Fresh Collection
    National Sales Director

    Director of Communications

    Mary Kay Inc.
    Chief Marketing Officer
    Director, US Consumer Marketing
    Director, US Product Marketing
    Director, Consultant Marketing
    Manager, Strategic Intelligence
    Manager, US Product Marketing
    Manager, Integrated Marketing
    Manager, Corporate Communications
    Assistant Manager, Consumer Insights & Expectations
    Senior Integrated Marketing Specialist

    Mia Mariu
    Founder & CEO

    National Motor Club
    President, Field Services

    Nu Skin Enterprises
    Vice President, Public Affairs
    Senior Director, Corporate Communications
    Senior Manager, Corporate Public Relations
    Senior Corporate Communications Manager

    ONEHOPE Wine
    Director, Field Development

    President & CEO
    Director, Field Development

    Premier Designs
    Vice President, Marketing Services
    Director, Marketing

    Princess House
    Vice President, Information Technology/Services
    VP, Marketing Strategy & Solutions

    RedFynn Technologies
    Chief Executive Officer

    Regal Ware
    Director, Communications & Marketing Services

    Rodan + Fields
    EVP, Global Strategy and Business Development
    Chief Customer Officer

    Ruby Ribbon
    Founder & CEO

    Marketing Manager
    Internet & Social Media Marketing

    Sas Spurilla
    Sales & Training Director

    Chief Marketing Officer
    Experience Strategy Director

    Silpada Designs
    Internal Communications Manager
    Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

    President & CEO Manager, Marketing

    Steeped Tea
    Vice President, Finance

    Senior Vice president, Marketing & Communications

    Take Shape for Life, Inc. - Medifast
    Director, Training & Development

    Team Beachbody
    Communications Manager
    Associate Marketing Manager

    Team National
    Director, Marketing

    Thirty-One Gifts
    Executive Director, Sales Strategy

    Communications Writer

    WineShop At Home
    President & CEO

    World Tour Enterprises
    Executive Vice President, Operations

    Executive Vice President of Marketing

    Your Inspiration at Home
    CEO and Founder

    CEO & Founder


  • Supplier Attendees

    The following supplier executives have registered to attend this conference. Check back as this list is updated regularly!

    Casey Adams (Pro Star)
    Paul Adams (Success Partners)
    Paul Anderson (ProPay Inc.)
    Alan Alpert (smart Office Solutions)
    Jennifer Anderson (Leapfactor)
    Jennifer Austin (Multi Image Group)
    Tim Austrums (Ansafone Contact Centers)
    Serena Ayscue (ByDesign Technologies)
    Jim Ballentine (Multi Image Group)
    Toni Barnett (Fort Worth CVB)
    Brittany Baron (Multibrain)
    Michel Bayan (Fragmob)
    Peter Benedict (iCentris, Inc.)
    Jennifer Bennett (Jenkon)
    Michael Bennett (Smart Office Solutions)
    Joe Quang Bui (J&N Agency)
    Leslie Blye (Iacono Productions)
    Dan Carlson (Ranpak)
    Lionel Carrasco (Leapfactor)
    Sharmaine Carter (Multibrain)
    Matthew Chais (Multi Image Group)
    Jade Charles (Fragmob)
    Ray Chipman (Squire)
    Mike Christensen (IntegraCore)
    Charlie Cina (LightSpeed VT)
    Christina Lynn Clark (Luce, Murphy, Fong and Associates)
    Andy Collins (IntegraCore)
    Sonya Cooper-Turner (ByDesign Technologies)
    Gregg Corella (Exigo Office)
    Ross Crago (Success Partners)
    Patrick Crosson (hyperWALLET Systems)
    Michael DePaolo (Vantiv/Litle & Co.)
    Kate Donovan (ByDesign Technologies)
    Bryan Dotson (Momentum Factor)
    Leah Dresen (Txtwire)
    Ernst Ducasse (Collinson Media and Events)
    Brett Duncan (IdeaDrenaline, LLC)
    Jason Eisner (Multibrain)
    Hooman Fakki (H2Wellness, Inc.)
    Eugene Feldman (Rallyware)
    Brittany Fink (Fragmob)
    Greg Fink (IDSTC)
    Craig Fleming (ServiceQuest)
    Dave Fleming (meet.fm)
    John Fleming (Direct Selling News)
    Michelle Flick (Smart Office Solutions)
    Jude Fox (IMN)
    Adam Frater (Multibrain)
    Katharine Gardner (GSR The Collaborative)
    Jonathan Gilliam (Momentum Factor)
    Jan Gilmore (Jan Gilmore & Associates)
    Damien Gough (Brand Agent)
    Laurie Granger (Ranpak)
    Kevin Griffin (ROQlogic)
    Tony Haddeman (Universal Nutrients)
    Katia Heinlein (Saddle Creek Logistics)
    Greg Heister (Bartha)
    Doug Hepfer (Hepfer & Associates PLLC)
    Wayne Hinkle (Trinity Software)
    Carrie Huff (Fort Worth CVB)
    Mike Iacono (Iacono Productions)
    Jessica Ingraham (Bartha)
    Ed Jarrin (Exigo Office)
    Cassiah Jay (Smart Office Solutions)
    Stuart Johnson (Success Partners)
    Alan Jones (Universal Nutrients)
    Daniella Judge (ZOOM.7 Meetings and Events)
    Jen Katz (AFS)
    Joshua Kauffman (Multi Image Group)
    Ryan W. Kell (Turnkey Social)
    Michael Keogh (Jive Communications)
    Scott Kerr (VIVA Creative)
    John Killacky (Bartha)
    Jennifer Knapp (Image Technologies Corp.)
    Leslie Koll (H2Wellness, Inc.)
    Scott Kramer (Multibrain)
    Michelle Larter (IMN)
    Lauren Lawley Head (DSN)
    Jay Leisner (Sylvina Consulting)
    Patti Long (Disney Resort Destinations)
    Doug Long (Deductr)
    Alan Luce (Luce, Murphy, Fong and Associates)
    Bob Luebbers (Iacono Productions)
    Angel Lurvey (AFS)
    Rodney Mallari (Multibrain)
    Victoria Mallow (Multi Image Group)
    Frank Mannarino (Leapfactor)
    Zack Manning (hyperWALLET Systems)
    Proscovia Mattas (Louisville CVB)
    TJ McIntyre (Turnkey Social)
    Michael McMillan (The Connection)
    Kristin McQuay (AFS)
    Marina Mejia (hyperWALLET Systems Inc.)
    Regina Melo (Momentum Factor)
    John Misko (DirectSalesMobile.com)
    Blake Moorman (Fort Worth CVB)
    Richard Newton (30 Minute Virtual Party)
    Dee Oldroyd (ProPay)
    Gillian Osborne-Stocker (Intersections)
    Alan Pollard (iCentris)
    Mark Rawlins (InfoTrax Systems)
    Emily Reagan (Direct Selling News)
    Jerry Reagan (DSN)
    Lisa Reitz (Thatcher Technology Group)
    Chris Rizzetto (Wave Crest Group Limited)
    Brian Rola (Universal Nutrients)
    Ami Ross (Fragmob)
    Rod Sanchez (Visit KC)
    Heather Sawtelle (Brand Agent)
    Richard Schubkegel (Thatcher Technology Group)
    Kavita Shahane (Brand Agent)
    Dave Siembieda (Thatcher Technology Group)
    Meridith Simes (Success Partners)
    Sean Smith (InfoTrax Systems)
    Kelly Sobotka (IntegraCore)
    Jerry spencer (Bartha)
    Debbie Squier (IMPACT This Day)
    Monica Stine (Wear the Message)
    Timothy Stine (Wear the Message)
    Judy Stubbs (Pearson Partners International, Inc.)
    David Taylor (Txtwire)
    Kelly Thayer (Deductr)
    Renee Thibodeaux (Universal Nutrients)
    Scott Thompson (ZOOM.7 Meetings and Events)
    Terrel Transtrum (ServiceQuest)
    Mick Twomey (PointBurst)
    Kathy Vance (Intersections)
    Jason VanWagoner (Meritus Payment Solutions)
    Jacob Vogel (Saddle Creek Logistics)
    Stephen Wade (hyperWALLET Systems Inc.)
    Tanya Wolf-Curran (Meet AC)
    Andrew Yeager (Rallyware)
    Jerry York (ByDesign Technologies)
    Chris Yourex (Direct Selling Strategies, LLC)