2014 Be Connected Conference

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Smart Start Program


Wednesday, December 3 | 1:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

DSA’s Smart Start Seminar is back and with a brand-new format that will enable young and growing companies in the sales channel and those new to direct selling to get their questions answered faster and from the most expert voices in the industry: other industry executives.

This one-day seminar, to precede the Gamechanger Be Connected Conference, will feature roundtable discussions that will provide attendees with direct networking and learning opportunities from those who have been in the trenches.

Be prepared to participate in a learning experience like no other as you gain access to the industry’s best minds, all in the room to help you discover the best practices that will make your company a success.

Table topics will include:

Proving Your Business
Jeanie Price (Founder & CEO, Mia Mariu)
Proving your business is critical for anyone interested in investing time and resources into it—field members, customers and even corporate investors should that be an avenue you explore. Jeanie Price has seen all angles of direct selling first-hand and will walk you through the most critical facets of proving yourself in the marketplace, and the best ways you can find success in doing so.

Building a Budget
Kim Cornwell (CEO, Celadon Road)
Kim has taken the steady approach to launching a company and because of it has experienced consistent growth year-over-year since Celadon Road began. Learn more from her about budgeting properly for your direct selling company—especially during high-growth years.

Marketing Via Grassroots and Social Media
Darnell Sue (Marketing Manager, SimplyFun)
Learn how social media can benefit your direct sales company and why it’s important that you have a plan in place. Darnell has more than 20 years of experience generating grassroots interest and marketing from the ground up. Find out more from her how you can implement a social media plan that will send your field recruitment numbers soaring.

Company story & Culture
Britney Vickery (CEO, Initials, Inc.)
Britney founded Initials, Inc., from her spare bedroom shortly after her son was born, and its success was almost immediate. The products are great and the field is jazzed, but one of the driving forces behind Initials, Inc.'s success has always been the company culture Britney fosters at the home office, which then translates to the distributors. Find out why your company story will be so important to your success and how to keep your roots once your growth has taken off.

Developing your Independent Salesforce
Pam Dean (Executive Director, Sales Strategy, Thirty-One Gifts)
Pam's direct selling roots go deep and have recently intermingled with a number of fast-growing industry companies. No shrinking violet, she has years of experience developing a field of independent contractors and inspiring them to be loyal to and productive for her company. Learn some amazing lessons from her this December as you work to build your field and understand exactly what it means to guide a team of independent contractors to industry-wide success.

Building your Corporate Team
Brett Blake (CEO, Jewel Kade)
Brett has truly crafted a direct selling portfolio throughout the industry. He has been affiliated with companies that successfully push the envelope for years and can provide you with the necessary guidance to build a successful corporate team. From identifying your mission and goals to making tough choices, Brett knows what it takes at the corporate level for a company to be successful and will help you get there!

More topics will include:

  • Implementing operational systems (to include technology and shipping)
  • Structuring your compensation

$99 with Be Connected Conference Registration
$199 to attend only the Smart Start Seminar.

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