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Winners will be announced Thursday, November 3rd during the DSA VISION 2023 Sales & Marketing Conference.

Digital Brochure Catalog

Digital catalogs can provide you with a cost-efficient way to keep distributors and customers in the know about upcoming events, the latest product offerings and current recruiting incentives. An outstanding digital catalog is one that offers readability, eye-catching visuals, interactive elements including the ability to click and buy, and a sleek design to draw in readers who want to learn more about the company and its products. Send us your company’s favorite, along with a 150 word description including such details as:

  • A brief explanation of the content offered

  • A description of the impact of the project, including metrics such as resulting sales figures, customer feedback and circulation or readership rates

  • Login/password information (if required to access submission)

Best on Instagram

Instagram is about sharing everyday moments with the people you love and care about the most.  But, recently it has become more and more of an entertainment escape for many.. Are you posting daily? Are you posting a variety of content types? Is your branding consistent? Have you built an active community? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, submit your Instagram handle and a 150-word description of how you measured the success of the campaign. Where applicable, include:

  • Quality of images

  • Post frequency

  • Engagement from followers and viewers

  • Diversity of content types (ex: reels, carousels, stories, highlights, guides, posts, lives, etc.)

  • Overall brand cohesiveness on Instagram

Best on Facebook

Countless companies rely on Facebook to provide distributors, customers and the general public with access to resources, information and feedback in a way that is personal and immediate. Here’s your chance to brag about yours! Submit your Facebook page (and or group) (or screen grabs if access is limited) and a 150-word description addressing such information as:

  • Your target audience

  • What you share through your page

  • How you provide timely responses to customer or distributor posts

  • Performance indicators such as the number of “Likes” your page has received

  • Any return on investment figures such as increased brand awareness and visitor feedback

Best Philanthropic Campaign

Philanthropy is one of the most important ways to connect to your community and give back. A sound philanthropic approach lends itself to a sound company that can be trusted. In addition, programs that benefit the community inspire others to do the same. Please share a 150-word description sharing details such as:

  • Philanthropy campaign

  • Online outlets for campaign promotion

  • Who this campaign benefits

  • The impact that has been made (what your donation resulted in)

  • Why this campaign was chosen

  • How your distributors got involved

Mobile App

Have you found an exciting way to incorporate a mobile app into your sales, training or overall branding? If so, show it off! Submit your entry including access to the app and screen grabs of your favorite pages, as well as a 150-word description sharing details such as:

  • Who the target audience is – and how you ensure only they get access to it

  • Appropriate analytics

  • The intended use

  • The approval process you experienced with both Apple & Android

Best Recruiting Campaign

How are you recruiting? A successful and strategic recruiting campaign is a vital piece of finding success in direct selling. Please include a 150-word description providing such details as:

  • What incentives your campaign promotes

  • What growth has come from this campaign

  • How you are distributing this campaign

  • How this is different from other campaigns you’ve done

Trending & Social Buzz Award

In 2022, many brands have created content and campaigns that generate a good amount of buzz and even become viral. This is done to stay in the forefront of your target audience’s mind and stay relevant in an ever-changing market. Did you create a campaign of any sort that generated a good amount of buzz? Please include a 150-word description providing such details as:

  • Description of the campaign that generated a good amount of buzz (or went viral)

  • What platforms were used for this campaign

  • Any features in articles/news sites

  • How your distributors were trained to participate in the campaign

  • Results from the campaign

Digital Innovation

How have you been ahead of the curve? Being one of the first companies to jump on new developments in tech and marketing is very challenging. With AI, AR and other emerging technologies, this award celebrates the innovations. Please include a 150-word description providing such details as:

  • What was the innovation implemented including components (app, feature, campaign)

  • What technologies and/or marketing campaigns were used in this innovative approach

  • How this innovation impacted your company

  • Results from the innovation and it’s success

Best Supplier on Social

Suppliers are equally as active on social media, not only promoting to their target customers, but building a sense of community as well.  We’re looking for the best from Supplier companies with how they use social media to promote their business. Please include a 150-word description providing such details as:

  • What social networks are your priority

  • Who is your target audience and what content do you produce to engage with them

  • What value to you bring to your social networks that encourage engagement

  • Share growth, stats and other insights to how your social is working for your company

  • Share examples of your creative approach that are unique to your business

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