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November 2-4, 2022

Nu Skin Enterprises Headquarters | Provo, UT


Be a part of VISION 2023, the two-day DSA Sales & Marketing Conference where today’s market leaders, trend setters and visionaries will help ensure that your 2023 sales, marketing and communications initiatives will make a difference in sales growth, customer loyalty, consumer confidence and how your business competes.

You are the best of direct selling, but even the best can get better.

It’s up to you to guide your organization forward. With more executives collaborating at DSA conferences after so much time apart, fresh ideas and approaches are more readily available than ever before.

Gain the foresight, shape your vision and hone your focus for the next year’s success at VISION 2023: DSA Sales & Marketing Conference.


Register today and supercharge your 2023 strategies with insights such as:

  • Marketing in the Metaverse
  • Direct Selling’s Media & Consumer Campaign Initiative
  • Direct Selling: The Next Five Years
  • Helping Distributors Be Their Authentic Selves Online
  • Transforming Social Platforms into Launchpads
  • Infusing your Company with Unified Creative
  • Strengthening your Business with Segmentation Success
  • Growth and Outlook Report for the Channel 
  • Driving Sales and Brand Performance with Social and Digital Strategies
  • Get More YES: Online, Offline, All the Time
  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Lessons from Retail
  • Key Operating Indicators for a Changing Landscape
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