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Erin King

Digital Persuasion Expert, Bestselling Author, and Chief Digital Officer of Strikepoint Media

Erin King is a bestselling author, global keynote speaker, and the world’s leading personal energy management expert. SUCCESS Magazine named her one of their “Top 10 Must-See Motivational Speakers 2023” along with Mel Robbins and Jay Shetty. As Chief Energy Officer of Strikepoint Media (which was twice named one of Inc. 5000’s 'Fastest Growing Companies in America'), King has been hired by everyone from The Academy Awards and Disney to VISA, Adobe, and even the United States Navy to unlock what she calls their “Big Energy®”. As the bestselling author of You’re Kind of a Big Deal, she has helped thousands of professionals, from Bali to Amsterdam,  activate more ambition, ignite influence, and optimize their impact. She’s been featured in Forbes among other global publications, and her podcast consistently ranks in the top 1% of all downloads on iTunes.

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