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Dave Siembieda

Thatcher Technology Group, LLC

Dave provides the direction for everything we do at Thatcher Technology Group. He likens what he does to creating a mosaic. His role is to bring together all the individual pieces of our organization and create a unified, cohesive vision – then lead our team and clients toward it. Above all, Dave never loses sight of the fact that we work with exceptional companies that are changing lives; our solutions only contribute to their success.

Starting in college, Dave was already making advances. By talking to his dean, he was able to create the school’s first degree program in computers. For the next two decades, he developed technology products and e-commerce initiatives for leading providers of retail, supply chain, and warehouse management systems. Combining his experience and foresight, Dave has spent his career solving problems.

In 2001, Dave joined Thatcher Technology Group as Vice President of Technology and has served as President of the company since 2009. With his dedication and beaming pride, we believe it shows how much he loves this company, as well as the industry.

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