** All times listed are Pacific Time. **

Tuesday, June 13
7:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.
CEO Dinner
Wednesday, June 14
6:15 a.m. – 6:45 a.m.
Golf Breakfast
7:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
Golf Tournament
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
19th Hole Lunch Honoring Board Members

(Golf Tournament Players & Board Meeting Attendees)

Noon – 5:00 p.m.
Exhibitor Set-Up


1:00 – 3:15 p.m.
DSA and DSEF Board Meeting

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3:00 – 5:00 p.m.
General Session Rehearsals


3:30 – 5:30 p.m.
Executive Roundtable Sessions*

  • CEO to CEO
    Moderators: Cindy Monroe, Founder, Thirty-One Gifts and Chris Stubbs, Senior Vice President, Enterprise Business Model Strategy, Nu Skin
  • Communications
    Moderators: Kristen Aguilar, Executive Vice President, Marketing, SeneGence International; Ginger Greenberg, Senior Managing Director & General Counsel, Sunwest Communications; and Crayton Webb Owner & Chief Executive Officer, Sunwest Communications
  • Salesforce Development and Training
    Moderators: DSEF Fellow Dr. Stefanie Boyer, Professor of Marketing, Bryant University and Jeannie Price Executive Vice President of Sales Americas, Europe, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.
  • Operations and Technology
    Moderators: Walter Noot, Chief Operating Officer, USANA Health Sciences, Inc. and DSEF Fellow Dr. Michael Rodriguez, Associate Professor of Marketing, Campbell University
  • Legal & Compliance
    Moderators: Jessica Marquez, Chief Legal Officer, Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC and Jemima Wechsler Group Vice President, Compliance, BODi
  • Supplier Partners
    Moderators: Leslie Blye, National Director of Sales, L!VE; Mike Christensen, Vice President of Sales, InfoTrax Systems, L.C.; and Colt Passey, Chief Executive Officer, GOBI

6:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Grand Opening “Desert Zen” Reception

Welcome to Scottsdale! Let the desert calm of the Grand Opening Desert Zen Reception set your DSA ENGAGE experience off in the right direction.

Catch up with long-time friends and meet your peers and colleagues over drinks and fun fare. Snack on corn on the cob with chili, aioli, cilantro, and lime; enjoy a full guacamole station; and barbacoa, pork carnitas, and chicken tinga tacos, all prepared in the style of street food popular in the American Southwest.

And—take time to visit the exhibiting supplier partner booths to see what they have to offer for the DSAPAC and ENGAGE auctions! 

8:00 – 10:00 p.m.
DSEF 50: Forward Together
Anniversary Celebration
with Kevin Guest & The Free Radicals

Presented by jenkon-usana

Thursday, June 15
7:15 – 8:15 a.m.
Buffet Breakfast
8:30 – 10:15 a.m.
Opening General Session

Master of Ceremonies

Tara Renze, Emotional & Positive Intelligence Practitioner, Podcaster and Thought-leader

Digital Persuasion: Navigating the AI Revolution

As an executive in network marketing/direct selling, you need to stay ahead of the curve and become an early adopter who embraces the potential of AI’s impact on the industry. Join Erin for an engaging discussion and learn how to rethink your digital persuasion strategy to best navigate the AI revolution in a way that empowers you AND your teams.

In this session, you will:

  • Gain a better understanding of how AI will likely impact the direct selling industry both immediately and in the future; 
  • Learn how to begin to integrate ChatGPT into your current sales and marketing strategies;
  • Understand how to train your teams to use ChatGPT (in a way that is empowering and not overwhelming!);
  • Discover how to clearly position AI as a supplement to your sales team’s existing skill set, and;
  • Learn from real-life, high-level client case studies on testing ChatGPT. 

Erin King, Digital Persuasion Expert, Bestselling Author, and Chief Digital Officer,  Strikepoint Media

Looking Forward: A CEO Leadership Discussion

Listen as leaders discuss the channel’s opportunities and future direction and how they are gaining a competitive edge in our evolving times. Panelists will share their perspectives on the most critical issues facing direct selling today.

Adolfo Franco, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Direct Selling Association

Kevin Guest, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, USANA Health Sciences, Inc.

Danny Lee, President and Chief Executive Officer, 4Life

Joseph N. Mariano, President and Chief Executive Officer, Direct Selling Association

Paulo Moledo, Chief Executive Officer, Hy Cite Enterprises, LLC

Joni Rogers-Kante, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SeneGence International

Exactly What to Say: Lead, Motivate and Inspire Others Using Critical Conversations

Quite often, the difference between success and failure in business can be pinpointed to the compounded impact of your conversations. Words matter and understanding how you can use language to control a conversation is certain to provide you a fair advantage in your challenging marketplace.

Whether you are looking to lead your team, are in a sales conversation with a client, or negotiating with a supplier–knowing the right things to say, in the right way and at the right time is certain to have instant positive outcome on your results.

This thought-provoking session will have you enthralled from the very start as you discover the power that language has over the subconscious brain, gain practical examples that you can apply instantly and learn how the “Magic Words” from Phil’s best-selling book are applied to your specific business-critical situations.

Phil M Jones, Master of Influence and Persuasion and Best-Selling Author

10:25 – 11:05 a.m.
Workshop Sessions

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11:15 a.m. – 12:25 p.m.
General Session II

Leading with Vision, Charting the Course Ahead

It’s true that the principles that lead to success in the world of extreme adventure also apply to business. But what are the parallels between the mountains and the uncontrollable environments that business leaders deal with daily? Listen as this remarkable adventurer, mountaineer, and business leader shares insights that will empower you to look ahead and scale whatever big peaks you aspire to climb. This session will:

  • Offer practical, humorous, and often unorthodox advice about how to take risks
  • Provide insights into how to improve teamwork
  • Empower leaders to adapt and shift within changing environments

Alison Levine, Team Captain, First American Women’s Everest Expedition, 
and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Retain Your Talent in an Ever-Evolving Market

Most organizations can tell you exactly how they acquired each customer—but struggle to explain why any customer left. After making huge investments of time, money, and energy to acquire new customers, most companies see between 20 percent and 70 percent of those customers disappear in less than one hundred days. This session will explore how a comprehensive customer experience strategy can help retain customers, salesforce leaders, and top talent. This session will explore how:

  • A positive customer experience requires an all-hands-on-deck approach by every member of your team
  • Companies can approach the creation of remarkable experiences as a philosophy rather than a task
  • A renewed commitment and focus on creating positive experiences leads to increased employee engagement

Joey Coleman, Customer Relationship Experience Expert and Best-Selling Author

12:30 – 1:45 p.m.
Lunch & Learn

Don’t be late for these table topics! Instead, head over to the section that most interests you, grab your lunch, and join a table topic. We promise you’ll not only learn a tip or trick that will make a difference in how you do business, but also make new connections to consult when you need to brainstorm on your next initiative.

  • Third-Party Selling Platforms – Gayla Huber, IntegriShieldadi
    We will discuss challenges and opportunities direct selling companies face with third-party selling platforms like Amazon. 
  • Successful Affiliate Programs in Direct Selling – Robert Cavitt, Jenkon
    Enhancing customer relationships is one of our greatest opportunities for growth in challenging markets. This group will be sharing real-world experiences with affiliate programs that leverage customer social networks, while still motivating and compensating the sales organization.
  • Top 5 Tips for Money In & Money Out – Nikky Kuykendall, Nexio
    Tips and best practices for establishing a sustainable payments and payouts strategy for direct selling organizations in the current environment.
  • Affordable Health Insurance Options For A Healthy Workforce – Nicole King-Davis, Centene
    We plan to focus on the affordable health insurance options available in the market today, importance of education and awareness of said programs and the types of quality coverage available, all framed in the context of a healthy workforce.
  • Deep Dive: Supply Chain and Distribution – Your Questions Answered – Katy Spicer, Squire Patton Boggs 
    Take a deeper dive that goes beyond the earlier workshop and explore how an increasingly broad regulatory framework is reshaping how companies source raw materials and comply with domestic and international laws.
  • Empowering Your Field While Avoiding Legal Pitfalls – Katrina Eash, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP and John Sanders, Partner, Winston & Strawn LLP
    Your questions about the finer points of the Neora decision, non-competes, and classification of independent contractors will be answered.
  • Fighting Field Fatigue: Engaging Storytelling Strategies that Build Brands – Paul Adams, Adams Resource Group
    With 2022 proving to be the “great reset” for so many direct selling companies, understanding your field and the version of direct selling that would most resonate with them in 2023 is forefront in our minds. Share what you’ve done to relate to your field and rejuvenate the channel and hear what others have done through this guided conversation with this leading channel voice.
  • Protecting Your Online Brand: Legal and Tech Solutions that Work – Colleen Devanney, Partner, Vorys eControl
    Explore the strategies, tools, and tactics available to protect and defend your company and brand against online attacks and legal approaches to address internet-based threats and risks.
  • Go LIVE on Your Terms – John Lietsch, Bloo Kanoo
    The livestream e-commerce market is estimated to reach $31.7B by the end of 2023 and approximately $68B or over 5% of ecommerce by 2026 according to Coresight Research and industry insiders. Explore why livestreaming is important for ecommerce, why it's a natural extension of the power of direct selling and how direct selling companies can leverage it to shift livestreaming activity from Facebook and Zoom to their own ecommerce platforms!
  • How to Include Affiliates in Your Current Business & Compensation Strategies – Andi Sherwood, Dan Jensen Consulting
    Take a deeper dive into how companies can maximize the potential of affiliate programs and explore how the right blend of affiliate program elements can deliver new success.
  • Breaking Down the Fundamentals of a Customer Rewards Program – Brett Duncan, Strategic Choice Partners
    Explore the ins and outs of Loyalty Programs, Referral Programs, Preferred Customer Programs, and Points Programs and how these engagement strategies can enhance salesforce performance.
  • Travel Trends & Solving Today’s Travel Challenges Together  Dianna Crnkovich, ADI Meetings & Events
    Let's talk travel! Where are you going, and where do you want to go? A lively discussion on what destinations are trending, the challenges we are seeing our clients facing, and how we can solve them together.
  • Deep Dive: DSA Social Media Guidelines and the Latest Best Practices for the Field – Scott Kramer, Digital Trend Forecaster and Social Selling Pro, Multibrain

Keynote Speaker Meet + Greet Tables 

Enjoy an opportunity to get your most pressing questions answered by our keynote speakers. Hurry, seats at their tables will fill up fast.


2:00 – 3:45 p.m.
General Session III

The Content Game and the Deamplification of Direct Selling on Social Media

Today’s social media landscape requires a smart, competitive content game that anticipates the range of challenges that have arisen across platforms, as well as the emerging opportunities.

As platforms adapt to the continued growth and usage, they update their features and algorithms in ways that amplify–and even deamplify–content. How can direct sellers ensure that our content game is optimized to ensure that our brands receive maximum engagement?

This session brings together two of our industry’s most respected social media experts who will share major insights on how the social algorithm works, including the good and the bad, as well as proven strategies to attract teams, training your field on converting prospects and retaining customers.

Sam Hind, Social Media Coach and Director, Auxano Marketing

Scott Kramer, Digital Trend Forecaster and Social Selling Pro, Multibrain

Strategic Moves for Winning in the eCommerce Landscape

eCommerce is at a pivotal moment. And composable eCommerce is the path forward. What does this mean for direct selling with our complex back office and payment commission systems? Gain insights for a less costly path forward for incorporating the latest advances in eCommerce from case-study insights from five customer journeys demonstrating the why, the what, and the how of composable eCommerce experiences.

Sachin Wadhawan, Vice President of Tech Partnerships, BigCommerce

Fear Less, Do More: Finding the Confidence & Strength for Leading Today

Imagine how good it would feel to watch people step into their full potential. Imagine creating an environment where people are excited about their work. Imagine actually getting the results you want. You aren’t dreaming that is what will be unlocked during this session. This session will show all in attendance new ways to fear less and do more. To help attendees find the confidence and strength for leading today, the session will empower leaders to:

  • Tap into the power we each hold
  • Take the most thoughtful next step to help us endure the challenges life will inevitably present
  • Choose the temporary pain of discomfort while avoiding the pain of regret

Judi Holler, Podcaster, Speaker, and Thought Leader

Gig Economy Insights for Direct Sellers

The latest gig economy research study highlights insights for direct sellers to incorporate into their strategic thinking and decision-making. Presenters will share the impact of the gig economy on the overall economy and what this means for direct sellers. Then, they’ll compare these most recent findings with previous research to provide key takeaways to help you gain greater market share in the future. Head next to their workshop to learn how direct-selling leaders are using this information to transform their opportunities.

John Fleming, DSA Hall of Fame/DSEF Circle of Honor Recipient and Author, Ultimate Gig

DSEF Fellow Robert Peterson, PhD, John T. Stuart III Centennial Chair in Business Administration, University of Texas

Charles Rosenblatt, President, PayQuicker

4:00 – 4:45 p.m.
Workshop Sessions

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7:00 – 7:30 p.m.
Gala Cocktail Reception
7:30 – 9:30 p.m.
Gala Awards Dinner
Friday, June 16
7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
Buffet Breakfast
7:30 – 8:30 a.m.
CEO Breakfast
8:45 – 10:45 a.m.
General Session IV

How to Build Your Business for Buy-In: The Simplest, Strongest Way to Expedite Your Impact

There's nothing more frustrating than being a direct sales leader in charge of sharing new products, rolling out new comp plans, hyping new leadership, advocating for new trends- and having your initiative fall on deaf ears. What goes wrong? Why DON’T you get the buy-in you know you need to take your momentum to the next level? In this practical and energizing keynote, 25-year message strategist, change communication expert, and former TEDx executive producer Tamsen Webster will show you how to get people invested, literally and figuratively, in the future you foresee. How? By crafting your communications around the most motivating of messages: the stories they already believe.

After this keynote you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why challenging people's beliefs is the enemy of intrinsic motivation, and what to do instead
  • Clearly and quickly identify who is, and isn’t, an ideal fit for your ideas, initiatives, and offers—and why—so you can focus your efforts where they’ll have the greatest effect
  • Follow a framework for simplifying them to their most important, and irresistible, elements and building in buy-in from the beginning

Tamsen Webster, Message Design Expert, Idea Strategist, and Author

3 Strategies to Improve Your Company Journey: Stand Up. Stand Together. Stand Out.

When we improve the company journey, we improve the distributor journey. The better we do in managing this journey at the company level, the smoother the path will be for our distributors. Don’t miss this keynote where you’ll learn three strategies to effectively Stand Up (to regulators), Stand Together (with other direct selling companies to compete and win in the larger gig industry), and Stand Out (through the “brand connection”). 

Brian Gill, Chief Marketing Officer, 4Life

Maximizing Productive Partnerships for the Future

Economic anxiety, misinformation and disinformation has brought us to where we are today. With this expanded range of influences on your reputation, what can be done? Lean in! Our panel of experts discuss real-world trust challenges and evolving market practices to help you:

  • Learn which corporate strategies contribute to understanding and managing trust, but few companies do in practice,
  • Improve direct selling practice, performance and the future of the channel.

Dr. Kent Grayson, Associate Professor of Marketing, Bernice and Leonard Lavin Professorship, Northwestern University

DSEF Fellow Dr. Anne Coughlan, Polk Bros. Chair in Marketing and Professor of Marketing Emerita, Northwestern University

Jeff Reigle, Chairman of the Board, Regal Ware, Inc.

Andrew Schmidt, Managing Director, Amway North America, Amway

Becoming an Influencer Among Influencers

In the battle to emerge as a resonant voice within today’s social media spaces, individuals often call themselves influencers.  But are they? Too often, so-called influencers prioritize gaining attention and popularity for themselves over delivering meaningful information. Becoming an influential voice of authority develops as one consistently provides valuable insights in impactful ways. This session will explore how to become a voice of authority and an influencer among influencers by focusing on:

  • How to find your unique impact zone as an authority
  • The three keys to epic storytelling
  • How to stop waiting for confidence and develop a mindset of certainty

Julie Masters, Strategist, Speaker, CEO of Influence Nation, iTunesTop 50 Podcast

11:00 – 11:45 a.m.
Workshop Sessions

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11:45 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Closing Lunch Honoring Award Winners
1:00 – 3:00 p.m.
Committee and Council Meetings

  • Government Relations Committee
  • Industry Research Committee
  • Party Plan Council
  • Supplier Advisory Committee

*by invitation, pre-registration required


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