• WFDSA

    WFDSA Board of Directors: Reimagine, Reinvent, and Redefine Direct Selling

    At the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA) World Congress XVI, held in Bangkok on October 6, 2021, the WFDSA Board of Directors held a CEO panel to discuss the future of the direct selling industry. 
    • Ibi

    What Can We Expect for the Future of Direct Selling?

    Direct selling is an excellent business opportunity for anyone—regardless of background, education, or nationality—to start their own business. Direct selling allows the flexibility to set one’s own hours and make supplemental or, in some cases, a full-time income. Many direct selling companies have phenomenal products and services, but the distributor makes the difference.
    • DannyLee

    Global Perspective

    How the growth of e-commerce is forcing corporate executives to 
    re-educate field leaders on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
    • JohnParker

    The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

    How direct selling shone brightly in an unprecedented year and what leaders can do to maintain momentum and confidence in their teams and salesforce.
    • napierski

    A New Year, a New Path Forward

    How the spirit of discovery will help the channel be comfortable with discomfort, build adaptable teams to reposition our story, and listen for evolutionary opportunities.