• BizIntelligence

    Business Intelligence: How Data Can Lead the Way Forward

    New and expanded DSA Industry Research Committee studies provide exclusive insight into direct selling market-sizing, KPIs, industry trends, and forecasting.
    • ds-newnormal

    Direct Selling in the New Normal

    As part of DSA’s Change Makers virtual event last November, the Direct Selling Education Foundation held a live-streamed conversation featuring DSEF Fellows Dr. Sandy Jap and Kathy Korman Frey to discuss what success looks like in the “new normal.” The session was moderated by Connie Tang, former Princess House CEO and DSEF Board Member.
    • DirectSelling2021

    Direct Selling 20/21

    Amid a global pandemic, a renewed call for racial equality, and a charged political environment, the direct selling model showed it was resilient and enduring.
    • Agwunobi

    My Voice: John Agwunobi

    Herbalife Nutrition's Chairman and CEO discusses how the events of 2020 showed that, together, we are stronger, and why future success as a sales channel is hinged on the reputation of the industry.
    • IoT

    The Internet of Things

    Why it is essential for direct sellers of all sizes to incorporate the IoT paradigm into their marketing, product, and distributions strategies now.
    • RegRisk

    Reducing Regulatory Risk

    2020 brought an unprecedented level of FTC scrutiny to the direct selling channel. Changes you can make to stay under the radar.  
    • WelcometoDance

    Welcome to the Dance

    The direct selling channel has always represented an opportunity for all—and is even described as the “democratization of entrepreneurship.” But in today’s world of inclusion and diversity, are companies being good stewards of that heritage value? We asked some of today’s top direct selling leaders to share their thoughts on diversity and inclusion efforts at their companies.
    • Awards

    Industry Awards Program

    DSA recognizes the outstanding achievements of member companies for the products and entrepreneurial opportunities they offer.
    • FactFiction

    Separating Fact from Fiction

    Direct selling is a popular option for millions of Americans because of the work–life flexibility, high-quality products, and supplemental earning potential such companies offer. In addition to these attractions, some of those new to the direct selling channel also seek short- or long-term earning potential—even though by definition, these entrepreneurial financial rewards are uncertain.

    • EventPlanning

    Event Planning in 2021

    After months into the “new normal,” many are asking that same question: How do we plan for events in 2021? The answer lies with hybrid events.
    • Diversity

    DIVERSITY & INCLUSION: Are You Ensuring the Financial Sustainability of Your Brand and Company?

    Mona Ameli explains how race and inclusive diversity have a direct impact on how we show up as leaders, and on the strength of our companies’ financial bottom lines.
    • DSEFFellowsCase

    DSEF Fellows Make the Case for Direct Selling

    How the Direct Selling Education Foundation’s work is mainstreaming the channel to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
    • Book

    Direct Selling Under Scrutiny

    When DSEF Fellow Dr. Robert Peterson, the John T. Stuart Chair in Business Administration at The University of Texas at Austin (UTA), reviewed the white paper “Alchemy of a Pyramid Scheme: Transmutating Business Opportunity into a Negative Wealth Transfer,” he found it deeply flawed.
    • changemakers

    The Change Makers

    Direct selling's visionary leaders discuss how their 2020 pivots shaped their 2021 outlooks, and why they will continue to be agents of change for their companies, teams, distributors, and customers in the post-COVID-19 era.
    • napierski

    A New Year, a New Path Forward

    How the spirit of discovery will help the channel be comfortable with discomfort, build adaptable teams to reposition our story, and listen for evolutionary opportunities. 
    • Eby

    Social Media Minutes

    In each issue of DSJ we welcome a social media expert from a DSA member company to address issues related to social selling. For this issue, our focus is on the impact of 2020 on the social media experience. Social media was already a complicated animal for direct selling companies when it came to balancing brand management and product marketing compliance. Then the pandemic hit, and the loss of the personal connection with customers forced many companies to step up their social media games. Scentsy Senior Manager of Marketing Jessie Eby shares her insights on Scentsy’s social media presence and what her company did to meet the new challenges that arose in 2020.