• risk

    What Is Your Company’s Risk Profile?

    Direct selling companies operating in the United States face a constantly evolving legal and regulatory landscape. Business practices and methods that were once viewed as acceptable or compliant may now invite significant legal or regulatory risk to a company and its stakeholders. Companies should, therefore, regularly evaluate their business practices to ensure that their risk profile has not increased due to business activities that are now deemed noncompliant or illegal.
    • devos

    Timeless Lessons: Persistence and Partnership

    This story begins nearly a century ago. Two friends with a resume of hit and miss business ventures enter the direct selling arena. They sell a nutritional supplement called DOUBLE X, build a successful distributorship, and with some trepidation, launch a new company. Corporate headquarters is split between two basements in Ada, Michigan. The product is soap, not a particularly glamorous item. But they understand the power that lies in the dreams and ambitions of people searching for an opportunity.
    • exec-perpec

    Executive Perspective: Authenticity in the Age of Automation

    In his December 21, 2021, article, Scaling A Startup: Look Toward Operational Automation, Forbes Technology council member and reporter Aaron Vick writes, “When first building a business, founders reach for tools that will help them achieve specific tasks—frequently by cobbling together a Rube Goldberg collection of off-the-shelf software and homegrown solutions without much thought on the larger picture. The focus in this phase of startup growth is on acquiring customers and growing revenue, not how to make the business operations function more efficiently at scale.”
    • Seldia

    The European Spirit of Direct Selling in the Post Pandemic Era

    The past couple of years have been defining for Europe and the world. As the pandemic brought forth challenges we could not have imagined, direct selling leaders used the opportunity to adapt, modernize, and transform into a more diverse industry.
    • Germany

    How to Succeed in Direct Selling in Germany

    With annual revenue of US$18 billion and more than 900,000 direct sellers, Germany is the largest direct selling market in Western Europe, with an upward growth trajectory spanning more than a decade. Geologically based in the heart of Europe with more than 80 million residents, Germany is treasured for its strong and dynamic economy, innovation, and stable political environment.
    • SocialNetwork

    The Original Social Network: Technology at the Service of Direct Selling to Generate Positive Socioenvironmental Impact

    Natura CEO João Paulo Ferreira on why businesses, especially those in the direct selling industry, which benefit from the proximity to consumers, need to leverage and shape relationships so that they generate a positive impact for people and for the planet.

    • DSEFCustomerCentric

    DSEF Academic Fellows Provide Training Beyond the Classroom

    How can companies help their salesforces meet customers’ needs? USANA partnered with DSEF Fellow Dr. Stefanie Boyer to help thousands of associates understand the psychology of sales and authentically engage with customers online. 
    • DannyLee

    Global Perspective

    How the growth of e-commerce is forcing corporate executives to 
    re-educate field leaders on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
    • Amazon

    Selling on Amazon: Fitting Amazon into the Direct Sales Model

    How the Amazon machine works and how it can reinforce your brand and support your independent salesforce’s businesses. 
    • Perspective

    DSA Hall of Fame Perspective: The Shift from Physical to Digital Brings New Opportunities

    How direct selling can compete for consumer loyalty and mindshare in a marketplace filled with more consumer choices and higher expectations.
    • Weaving

    Weaving B2B and B2C Marketing Strategies

    How best practices from past experiences can help create a unique tapestry of strategies to drive business goals in a direct selling business model.
    • JohnParker

    The Spirit of Entrepreneurship

    How direct selling shone brightly in an unprecedented year and what leaders can do to maintain momentum and confidence in their teams and salesforce.
    • IoT

    The Internet of Things

    Why it is essential for direct sellers of all sizes to incorporate the IoT paradigm into their marketing, product, and distributions strategies now.
    • RegRisk

    Reducing Regulatory Risk

    2020 brought an unprecedented level of FTC scrutiny to the direct selling channel. Changes you can make to stay under the radar.  
    • Awards

    Industry Awards Program

    DSA recognizes the outstanding achievements of member companies for the products and entrepreneurial opportunities they offer.
    • EventPlanning

    Event Planning in 2021

    After months into the “new normal,” many are asking that same question: How do we plan for events in 2021? The answer lies with hybrid events.
    • DSEFFellowsCase

    DSEF Fellows Make the Case for Direct Selling

    How the Direct Selling Education Foundation’s work is mainstreaming the channel to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
    • napierski

    A New Year, a New Path Forward

    How the spirit of discovery will help the channel be comfortable with discomfort, build adaptable teams to reposition our story, and listen for evolutionary opportunities.