• DanCHard

    How to Develop a Focused Growth Mindset

    For Dan Chard, Chairman & CEO of Medifast, a growing direct selling organization is like a murmuration of starlings—tens of thousands of birds flying together.
    • TroyHicks

    3 Strategies for Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges

    Troy Hicks, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain at Herbalife Nutrition, is in charge of product supply for his company’s ninety-plus markets. When the coronavirus pandemic first hit in 2020, his immediate reaction was to pump the brakes in global supply. Why? Because Herbalife was on a growth trajectory and had a lot of inventory coming in, most of it perishable.
    • gala

    DSA Announces 2021 Industry Award Winners

    The US Direct Selling Association (DSA) announced its annual industry award winners during its DSA ENGAGE annual meeting held in New Orleans on November 2. The finalists and winners of the Association’s highest awards are listed herein.
    • oz

    Dr. Oz: “We Are a Safety Net for Each Other”

    Dr. Mehmet Oz is widely known as a best-selling author and the host of the 10-time Emmy award-winning show, The Dr. Oz Show. The renowned heart surgeon is also recognized for his work in bringing contemporary medicine to the mainstream.
    • KevinENGAGE

    A New Frontier for Direct Selling

    At the recent DSA ENGAGE 2021 held October 31–November 2 in New Orleans, hundreds of direct selling leaders joined to share ideas on creating a better future for the industry. 
    • NovFTC

    Frequently Asked Questions: Penalty Offense Authority Letters

    On October 26, 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent 1,100 letters to businesses across the United States. Almost every DSA member and many non-member direct selling companies received the letter.
    • NovQP

    New Monthly Tracking Data on the Health of Direct Selling

    DSA’s November QuickPulse Survey reports new data on how the pandemic/recovery is progressing in the US and how supply chain/inflation issues are impacting direct selling companies. The survey was fielded from November 8–12, 2021.