April QuickPulse Offers New Data on COVID Impact

Apr 29, 2022
By DSJ Staff

DSA’s QuickPulse, the monthly survey that provides higher-frequency direct selling tracking data on the pandemic’s overall US and global business impacts, revealed refreshed results in the April issue related to the COVID-19 impact on DSA member companies. The survey was fielded April 19–22.

The survey revealed the following:

1.     Impact of COVID on US Company Revenue – In this month's survey, 59% 59% cite a positive impact to U.S. company revenue from the pandemic. Thirty-three percent cite a negative impact, and 8% a neutral impact.

2.     Impact of COVID on Global Company Revenue – Fifty-nine percent say the pandemic has positive impact on global company revenue. Thirty-five percent cite a negative impact, and 6% a neutral impact.

3.     Supply Channel Challenges – Ninety-six percent indicated they are experiencing global supply chain issues. The top five supply chain challenges of direct selling companies in April are:

  • Higher production or shipping costs (83%)
  • Product/component/raw material production delays outside U.S. (78%)
  • Transportation delays outside U.S. (70%)
  • Delays in product development/launch (61%)
  • Product/component/raw material production delays in U.S. (57%)

4.     Status of US Headquarters – Sixty percent say their US headquarters is fully open, 27% partially open, and 13% closed.

5.     Remote Work Policy for US Employees – Current remote work policies for US-based employees break down as follows:

a.     20% of companies say they are remote-first (all or almost all corporate employees are working remotely)

b.     60% hybrid (combination of remote and in-person)

c.     20% say all or almost all corporate employees are generally expected to work from the office

6.     Types of US Events in 2022 – Two-thirds say they are currently holding in-person US events in 2022, two-thirds say virtual events, and two-thirds say hybrid events. (A respondent could make more than one selection.) In terms of selection of a combination of the three possible choices (in-person, virtual, and hybrid), the largest percentage of respondents (37%) selected all three, and the second-largest percentage (20%) selected only “hybrid.”

7.     2022 Plans for Incentive Trips – Regarding company plans for incentive trips in 2022 for US sales representatives, 80% say they are offering incentive trips without offering alternatives to awarded trips. No company reported offering alternatives for awarded incentive trips, such as cash. Thirteen percent have other incentives in lieu of some or all incentive trips.

All direct selling companies are encouraged to participate in DSA’s QuickPulse research, which is fielded at the beginning of each month. As a benefit of your company’s participation, you’ll receive the comprehensive results report and crosstabs. For questions or to be added to the distribution list, contact membership@dsa.org.

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